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IMI Mediators and Mediation Advocates meet independent international standards for mediation practice and training.

IMI Qualified

Qualified Mediators have successfully completed quality mediation training, and are beginning their mediation careers.

IMI Certified

Certified Mediators are highly-experienced mediators who meet international standards.

What is Mediation?
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Promoting consensus and access to justice

IMI is a non-profit initiative driving transparency and standards, worldwide. We set and achieve high mediation standards, convene stakeholders and parties, promote understanding and adoption of mediation, and disseminate skills for parties, counsel, and mediators.


IMI Certified Mediators

Certified Mediators are highly-experienced mediators who meet international standards.

IMI Qualified Mediators

Qualified mediators have successfully completed quality mediation training.

Young Mediators

YMI is a community of those at the beginning of their mediation careers, with members eligible for mentorship.

IMI Certification pathway

Implementing Organisations

All IMI Certification and Qualification is carried out by approved organisations

Qualifying Assessment Programs

QAPs assess experienced mediators, for the purpose of becoming IMI Certified.

Certified Mediator Training Programs

Launched 1 January 2019, CMTPs are programs that deliver training that meets international standards.


Certain organisations are able to qualify people with 'specialisations', including Mediation Advocacy and Intercultural Competence.

IMI's Vision is to promote consensus and access to justice.  Learn more on our 'Vision and Mission' page.


IMI support Mediators and Mediation Advocates at all points of their professional journey.


Olé is an online tool allowing clients and law firms to evaluate options for resolving conflicts.


Use the Decision Tree for objective and impartial guidance on setting up a mediation.


Find your nearest IMI Qualifying Assessment Program to become IMI-Certified.