Welcome to the International Mediation Institute's new website. We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve our service to you.

New Website - FAQs

To Members of the IMI Community and Everyone accessing the IMI Website

On October 1, 2017, IMI moved to a new website, which you are now accessing. We are receiving many questions about the timing of information being integrated into the new website, which are important to anyone who has come to depend on the website for access to tools and resources, identification of a Qualifying Assessment Program, and locating a certified mediator or mediation advocate. These FAQs will answer the most frequent questions, and give you a path to address questions that are not answered here.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this transition period.

The new IMI website

It was recently announced via IMI news and social media that there would be some changes in the IMI website, including moving to a new platform with modern technology and security.  This process has now begun, and if you head to www.imimediation.org, you will see the first stages of what's to come.  To date, you can find all major text content from the old website, as well as the most recent events, news and articles.  You will find an updated 'Find a Qualifying Assessment Program' facility, with the ability to find your closest centre. You will also note updates in look and feel.

Where is the mediator/mediation advocate database?

The Mediator Database, Mediation Advocacy Database, and YMI Database are temporarily off-line as they are rebuilt.  It is anticipated that this will take place over approximately the next six weeks, to mid-November 2017.  We apologise for the inconvenience, and note that further information will be forthcoming.

Why can't I log in?

Old logins have been temporarily suspended, and new ones will be reissued shortly.  If you are no longer using the email address you used to log in on the old site, please send your updated email address to [email protected]

What's happened to my bookmarks?

Part of creating a new website has been ensuring improved navigability and search engine optimisation.  This has meant putting more structure into the site, which is reflected in the links and web addresses you will see in the address bar when navigating the site.  This may mean that your old links and bookmarks no longer work.  Should this be the case, the best option is to navigate to the homepage at www.imimediation.org, and locate the content you are looking for using the menu.

What's happened to my file libraries (if applicable)?

If you are a member of a committee or task force, you will regain access to your group's private files with the roll-out of new logins (see 'what should I expect in the near future', below).

What's happened to tool [x]?

All documents and document-based tools are on the new website, though the dynamic version of the dispute analysis tool has not been recreated at this time.  You can still access all text and functionality associated with this tool on the relevant page.

The website is loading slowly for me

Think of this as the 'beta' phase of the new website.  We understand that it is loading slowly for users in some countries at the moment, and know that we are aware of the issue and you will see improvements shortly.

What should I expect in the near future?

  1. Mediators, Mediation Advocates, YMI members, Board, taskforce, and committee members will receive a new login for the website in the next few weeks.  When this happens, ensure you can log in, and take a look at your freshly updated profile.  Further information will be sent out closer to the time.
  2. Shortly after new logins are sent out, the Mediator, Mediation Advocate, and YMI databases will be back online to search and update as required.
  3. The payment facilities for donations, sponsorships, and listing contributions via the website will be back online within the next few days.  In the interim, those with listings on the verge of expiring will be contacted directly.
  4. We are updating our mail-out software, in order to meet legal requirements and best practice, and enabling you to easily unsubscribe or amend your subscription as desired.  You may notice a new look and feel, and feedback is always welcome.

I have questions or feedback specifically about how the website works

Please direct questions or feedback about website function to [email protected].  

Welcome to the new International Mediation Institute website. As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we are as committed as ever to the organization’s Mission to promote global standards for the resolution of disputes and access to justice. As you navigate this new website, we hope it will be easier to find the resources and tools you have so depended on in the past. In the next few months, we will be expanding the website to include the many benefits that we realized through the Global Pound Conference. Thank you to our supporters and to you, our IMI Community.
Deborah MasucciIMI Co-Chair

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