Below you will find answers to some frequently-asked questions, and a contact form which you can use to contact IMI.  If reporting a website issue, please be as descriptive as you can (what page is affected? what error occurs? is a message displayed?).  Currently reported website issues can be viewed here.

How can I become an IMI-Certified Mediator?

Please see this page of our website:

How can I get training?

The International Mediation Institute is not a training provider; we establish standards for mediators and mediator training, but do not train mediators ourselves. You may wish to contact your nearest Qualifying Assessment Program to ask what local training programs they can recommend. You can find a QAP using the tool on our website at

You may wish to prioritise training programs that meet the criteria IMI have established for training centres, which you can find under 'Training' in the menu on IMI's website:

How can I log into the IMI website?

If you have an existing login, go to If you do not have your password, you can reset it via using your username or email address. If you are newly Certified and do not yet have a login, your profile will need to be added--your QAP will contact us via [email protected]  If you no longer have access to your email address, please contact [email protected]

Why can't I find my Certified profile on the IMI website?

Only Certified Mediators and Advocates with up-to-date listing contributions or waivers are displayed in the 'Find a Mediator' database. Your direct profile link still works, in the format You can find your link by logging in, going to your profile, and copying the URL from your address bar. If your listing has expired and you would like to renew, please follow the directions for making a contribution, and your profile will then be re-activated by IMI.

Why can't I update my Certified profile?

If there are issues in saving your Certified profile, check that there are no form fields with indicators next to them--make sure your website URL includes http://, and that you have selected no more than six areas of expertise.

How can I pay my listing contribution on the website?

ogin via then navigate to the 'Support IMI' page at Select the item, i.e. a contribution or donation, then go through check-out. Payments are currently accepted in EUR, with listing contribution set at 125EUR. Methods of payment available are credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. You can read more about methods of payment and about IMI's funding on our website.

How can our organisation become a Qualifying Assessment Program?
Please see our website here for the process: You will find all criteria and an online application form on our website. Note that QAPs assess experienced mediators, so do go beyond being a training program--see the criteria on our website for more.
I am starting my mediation career--what can you do to assist?

We recommend you join the Young Mediators' Initiative Facebook group, and consider becoming a YMI member. YMI can be contacted via [email protected] Learn about YMI on our website. YMI Member application questions should be directed to [email protected]

Can you please add our event to your website?

Sure, we are happy to add relevant ADR and mediation events to our website--please forward it to [email protected]

Contact Form

If your answer cannot be found above, you can contact us using this form.  We also encourage you to use the search function of our website, accessible via the 'search' icon in the main menu.  Please note that IMI is staffed by one part-time staff member and volunteers, so there is likely to be a short delay in responding to you.