Who are IMI

IMI Advisory Council

The IMI Advisory Council comprises several of the world’s most prominent proponents of ADR and negotiation. The Advisory Council has a review, advisory and enabling function to help guide the IMI mission.

IMI Board of Directors

The IMI Board of Directors sets the overall direction of the IMI public service activities and ensures efficient operation and appropriate financial control.

IMI Team

IMI Operations are led by the Director of External Relations (part-time), GPC Editor/Internship Co-ordinator and YMI Co-Founder/Leader (volunteer).

IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC)

The Independent Standards Commission establishes the criteria, standards and related materials for IMI Certification.

IMI ISC Committees and Task Forces

ISC members bring their expertise together into committees and task forces to work on IMI projects.

IMI Supporting Organisations

These organisations work together with IMI to advance the understanding and acceptance of mediation throughout the world. Their mediation panellists are required to be certified to the level of IMI Certification.