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Appraisal Committee

The role of the Appraisal Committee is to manage and approve new IMI Qualifying Assessment Programs (QAPs), and to audit existing QAPs to ensure the adherence to IMI standards.


Committee Chair: Pascal Comvalius

GeneralAntonia Masaglia, Deniz Kite, Dimitra K. Triantafyllou, Elena Koltsaki, Helena de Backer, Henrique Gomm Neto, Kitty Duell, Linda Reijerkerk, Mary Walker, Nana Papadogeorgaki, Nina Khouri, Yasmin Seban
Mediation AdvocacyAna Goncalves (Co-Chair), Andrew Goodman (Co-Chair), Aloysius Goh, Dimitra K Triantafyllou, Manon Schonewille, Nina Khouri
InterculturalFrancois Bogacz (Co-Chair), Virginie Martins de Nobrega (Co-Chair), Antonia Masaglia, Ian Macduff, Nina Khouri

Member Profiles


Member, Belgium Federal Mediation Commission, Belgium.

Lecturer, Business Law, Parana Federal University, Brazil

IMI Inter-Cultural Certification Taskforce. Practice Associate Professor and Director, Centre for Dispute Resolution, School of Law, Singapore Management University, Singapore.


Mediator, Trainer, Coach. Member of IMI ODR Task Force, The Netherlands.

President, European Mediation Network Initiative - EMNI; Managing Director, Element Mediation and Consulting; Leiden, The Netherlands.


Author | Founding partner Legal Mediation Firm Schonewille & Schonewille in The Netherlands | Executive partner Toolkit Company


Barrister; Mediator; Chair, Law Council of Australia ADR Committee, Sydney


Nana is a Lawyer, Mediator and Accredited Trainer of Mediators, based in Athens

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