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IMI Team

Laura Skillen

Executive Director (Part-time)
Laura runs IMI’s daily operations and strategic planning, engages external stakeholders for fundraising and communications, works on IMI projects and initiatives, and manages and develops IMI’s IT infrastructure and websites. She brings a wealth of experience from the private and public sectors, where she has worked in corporate governance, project and portfolio management, and IT. Originally from Australia, Laura is presently based most of the year in Brussels, where she is undertaking a full-time PhD in International Relations. She holds degrees in management and in politics and international relations, and has a Masters degree in EU External Relations. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn or ResearchGate.

Angela Herberholz

Co-Founder and Director of the Young Mediators’ Initiative
Angela is a passionate commercial mediator (MCIArb), trainer and co-founder of the Young Mediators’ Initiative (YMI). Under the umbrella of IMI, she runs YMI on a voluntary basis, with the aim of inspiring and supporting newly trained mediators around the world to follow their mediation passion. Angela is as much a mediator as she is a member of the exhibition industry. She works as Programme Manager for the global association in the exhibition industry. Knowing both professions intimately, she strongly believes that mediation should be a fundamental tool used to address and solve conflicts within the exhibition industry. From 2010 – 2014 Angela worked at the ICC International Centre for ADR. German by birth, Angela is based in Paris, France.


Editing Team

Benjamin Rozek

Contributing Editor
Benjamin Rozek has almost a decade of ADR experience from Ireland to Canada. Currently he is working on furthering his legal career in Canada in becoming a certified mediator and lawyer.

Haley Weir

Contributing Editor
Rationally compassionate and genuinely curious, Haley Weir believes in a mindful approach in reaching sustainable solutions and promoting conflict management skills. She currently plays a variety of roles in family, criminal and civil proceedings as a Court and Client Representative for the Ministry of the Attorney General. She was recently appointed an intern position with Mediators Beyond Borders.

Ivana Ninčić Österle

Contributing Editor
Ivana Ninčić Österle is a lawyer, mediator and public policy consultant for judicial reform, specializing in mediation and judicial efficiency. She is a Weinstein JAMS International Fellow, Weinstein International Senior Fellow and a member of the CEPEJ Working Group on the Evaluation of Judicial Systems. Aside from developing her own mediation practice, she is currently engaged on an EU-funded project supporting the Ministry of Justice of Serbia in EU integration, within which she is working on devising a more sustainable mediation system as well as active promotion of mediation. Ivana is Serbian by birth and legal training, predominantly Canadian by citizenship, education and manners, and international by professional aspiration. She is currently based in her hometown of Belgrade.

Natasha Mellersh

Contributing Editor
Originally from Germany, Natasha studied politics, economics and law in the UK. She has worked in courts, for international law firms, NGOs, international organisations (including UNODC) and start-ups in a several different countries. Her experience ranges from international public and private law to journalism, event management and communications. She was previously the online editor of CDR Magazine and African Law & Business Magazine, as well as a senior editor at LexisNexis in London.

YMI and Interns

Amee Dharamshi

YMI Operations Manager
Amee is a qualified lawyer from India and holds a professional accreditation with the ICSI. She attained LLM in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution from the University of Hong Kong, and completed the 40-hour mediation training approved by the Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited.

Emma Keir

Co-Founder of YMI
Emma (Ewart) Keir was Operations Manager of the International Mediation Institute from 2009 – 2017 and is a founding member of the YMI team. Previously she was Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive and Commercial Director, and General Office Manager of Resolex, a London-based dispute resolution institution. Prior to Resolex, Emma was the Personal Assistant to London-based Barrister Andrew Burr, at the time Chairman of the European Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and Editor of the Construction Law Journal. Emma is based in New Zealand.

Myrto Pantelaki

Current Affairs Intern
A motivated legal advisor and adherent of peace building through mediation processes that bring armed conflicts to peaceful ends. During my LLM I delved into mediation for investment disputes, where I realised its flexibility and ability to adapt to the specific needs of the parties and the circumstances of each dispute.

Past interns and volunteers

  • Zoheb Mashiur, Editorial intern Jan-Jun 2019. Zoheb assisted the editorial team with writing, editing, and producing content for the IMI blog, including conducting interviews.
  • Ruxandra Gheorghe began as intern in Mar 2018; she progressed to Contributing Editor and Fundraising Assistant in Dec 2018; she then acted as Projects Officer – Outreach until August 2019. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ruxandra-gheorghe-5a70a97b/
  • Ishana Tripathi acted as GPC India Correspondent for several months in 2018. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ishana-tripathi-65b14361/
  • Nicklas Boehm, intern Mar-Dec 2018.  Nicklas applied his WordPress skills to fix links to resources on the IMI and former GPC sites, reported on CDRC Vienna as part of the social media team, and provided some assistance to YMI.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicklasboehm/
  • Michael Valdivieso, IMI Intern Mar-Sept 2018.  Michael was chiefly responsible for updating events on the IMI website. https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-valdivieso-319996bb/
  • Erica Miller (Nov 2017-Apr 2018); Ampeire Petrina Bereije (Nov 2017-Apr 2018)