IMI Mediators and Mediation Advocates meet independent international standards for mediation practice and training.

IMI Accredited

Accredited Mediators have successfully completed quality mediation training.

IMI Certified

Certified Mediators are highly experienced mediators who meet international standards.

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Singapore Convention Signing

Welcome to the new International Mediation Institute website. As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we are as committed as ever to the organization’s Mission to promote global standards for the resolution of disputes and access to justice. As you navigate this new website, we hope it will be easier to find the resources and tools you have so depended on in the past. In the next few months, we will be expanding the website to include the many benefits that we realized through the Global Pound Conference. Thank you to our supporters and to you, our IMI Community.

What is the Singapore Convention?

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The Latest

Negotiating In “Blind” Faith

Negotiating In “Blind” Faith

This article was originally submitted to Kluwer Mediation Blog, and may be viewed here. It has been reproduced with permission. I was recently witness to a mediation session during which ... Read More

Crab Fights: Mediating The Future Of Svalbard’s Resources

Crab Fights: Mediating The Future Of Svalbard’s Resources

Not many people know that since 2015, the European Union and Norway have been in a dead-lock over crabs. The Snow Crab Conflict has far-reaching implications for Norway’s vast seafood ... Read More

Processing fees for QAP applications

Processing fees for QAP applications

IMI Qualifying Assessment Programs qualify Mediators and Mediation Advocates to become IMI Certified. Qualifying Assessment Programs, or QAPs, are run by organisations located around the world. (Find your nearest QAP ... Read More

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