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Adeyinka Aroyewun

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Achere Cole
Feedback digest by Achere Cole, 13 Jul 2018 This feedback summary was prepared based on 14 feedback forms from Mediations conducted between December 2013 and June 2015. Feedback is from Lawyers and Parties. Adeyinka has been rated at a high performance level with both Parties and Lawyers consistently interested in using her services again. In response to the possibility of using Adeyinka’s services, a party said “will use over and over again”. Another consistent attribute of Adeyinka is her ability to listen to the Parties and Lawyers and strong communication skills. Adeyinka is not only able to make the Parties feel they have been heard, she knows when to intervene and appropriately. Quite strongly is her show of patience which has reoccurred in the feedback. She is reported to be neutral and is able to make the parties feel comfortable with the process through clear explanations and a calm disposition. Adeyinka is open and expressive and has the ability to get Parties to understand each other. A primary root of disputes is the inability of Parties to understand each other and Adeyinka’s ability to skillfully clear misconceptions is quite noteworthy. A recurring commendation is of her professional attitude to the mediation process. She is rated as being ‘very professional’. Adeyinka is also credited as having ‘vast experience in mediation” by Lawyers and described as being mature creating an impression that she can be relied upon to guide the Parties to an effective and balanced settlement. She is open to varying positions presented by the Parties yet able to guide Parties to a win-win situation by helping Parties generate realistic options for settlement. She has strong negotiation skills which have repeatedly made a decisive difference in the outcome of mediations. She is described as being neutral, friendly and amiable yet decisive. This balance of being open and friendly yet in firm control of the process gives the Parties confidence in the mediation process. She displays an in-depth appreciation of issues irrespective of case type which cut across land, commercial, debt recovery, banking, tenancy disputes, claim for professional fees etc. Adeyinka’s passion, skill, wide range of experience in mediation, strong communication skills, dynamism, professionalism, realistic generation of options and creativity are reasons for her high settlement rates. No negative comments were given.
This feeback digest was last updated 26 June 2015.
by Achere Cole, 2 Apr 2020