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Alexa Jeremy

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Netherlands, United Kingdom
Mediation Profile

I was fortunate enough to attend an intensive five day (40 hour) course in mediation with the London School of Mediation at the end of 2017. I passed the exam and obtained the accredited mediator (to international standards) certificate. I found the course to be both challenging, and enlightening. I am a trained lawyer, and have been trained to represent one client to the best of my ability. I am however far more instinctively drawn to mediating between two parties, and am very motivated by the idea of facilitating a shared solution, as opposed to being part of a process in which a solution is imposed. I have moved from the legal field to a managerial one, in which I spend a lot of my time mediating between people in one way or another, and it's something I enjoy and something that I think works well with my skill set. I enjoy listening, empathizing and thinking creatively about how best to find solution that works, and I love working closely with people. As a profession, I believe mediation has incredible value, and can be used in all walks of life. It's a direction I would very much like to pursue, learn as much as I can about, and feel very motivated about working in the field. 

I was trained as a lawyer in the UK, and worked in the corporate field for 4.5 years. I enjoyed the rigorous discipline of law, but realised that for me, my work wasn't meaningful enough, so I embarked upon a Masters in the University of Cape Town, in Social Justice, Law and Development as I was very interested in working in the field of international development. After completing the Masters, I volunteered in Ghana (Unicef) and Tanzania (small scale mining charity), and subsequently returned to the UK and worked in a human rights law firm, and at a legal aid clinic where I provided pro bono services to asylum seekers seeking refugee status. 

My husband and I then moved to the Hague to pursue his interest working in the Tribunals, further to his Masters in in Conflict resolution and Transitional Justice. 

I spent years working as a Special Assistant to the Deputy Registrar and now work in a managerial position as a Programme Management Officer in the Language Services Section at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. I work to reinforce the Section's leadership and managerial capacity, by sharing managerial, supervisory and administrative responsibilities for staff, policies and operations. I lead and manage three teams  (Language Support Unit, External Translation Services and Administration) with diverse responsibilities. I promote internal collaboration with other Sections within the Tribunal, formulate and promote the application of policies, guidelines, systems and tools required to optimise the Section's work. I assist with budget submissions, audit assessments, performance reports and other organisational reports. 

The Language Services Section is a large one, and with it come numerous different personalities, cultures and working practices. I work closely with the teams I manage, and enjoy helping to find solutions to any challenges as they arise, be they professional or personal. 

I have not had any post-training experience as a mediator but would really welcome any opportunity that YMI may have to shadow a mediator in any upcoming mediation cases. 

I have received a certificate as an Accredited Mediator from the London School of Mediation on 29th September 2017.  This entitles me to apply for Associate membership of CIArb (Chartered Institute of Arbitrators).

Kristina Carey, Chief of Human Resources, Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Jelena Stojkovic-Ring Chief of Language Services Section, Special Tribunal for Lebanon

Training and Education

I spent 40 hours in training at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. The course was hosted by Judith Kelbie and Jill Higgins of the London School of mediation. The mediation course was held over the course of one week, involved a vast amount of technical information regarding what mediation is, and what it is not, the various methods, types of mediation, when to mediate, when not to mediate. In addition, it involved homework reading and assignments. We engaged in role plays every day, each time being one of the parties, the mediator or the observer. The week culminated in an examined role play in which each individual had to play the mediator, and successfully mediate a particular situation. In addition, we were provided with a written assessment which we had to pass in order to gain the certificate. 

Programme Management Officer
Special Tribunal for Lebanon
Dokter van der Stamstraat 1,
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