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Amanda Garcia de Oliveira

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Mediation Profile

I want to be an mediator because I enjoy to think about what I can do with my issues and solving, by my on, internal problems that I may have. Also, whenever I have an disagreement with someone, I think it’s better to talk about this subject and trining to find a solution together. Since the felling of building new solutions together and actually solving my issues is so gratifying, I would like to assist other people by using the mediation skills that I am familiar and I will learn.

I’m a certified mediator by ICFML since June 2018. I got to this position after several training and courses to compete. In November 2017, my duo and I won as best mediators team at the Brazilian National Business Mediation Competition - CAMARB in 2017.

I had one practical experience in mediation at the Minas Gerais’ Court of Law as a pro bono mediator, the situation mediated was between two parents disputing about pensions and goods from their marriage. Also, I have trained, as an mediator, in simulated sessions for three mediation competitions, the CPR International Competition (2017 and 2018) and the Brazilian National Business Mediation Competition - CAMARB in 2017.

I obtained the IMI Qualifying Assessing Program Level 1 – Certified Mediator ICFML accreditation in June 2018. 

Member of the mediators’ wining pair at the Brazilian National Business Mediation Competition - CAMARB in 2017.

Ivone Juscelina de Almeida (e-mail: [email protected]), Júlia Albuquerque (phone number: +5532998281341) and Beatriz Arruda (phone number: +5532988551318).

Training and Education

I am in the process to obtain the IMI Qualifying Assessing Program Level 1 – Certified Mediator ICFML accreditation. I participated in the ICFML’s mediators formation course at the Catholic University of Porto - Portugal in January 2018. The course was provided by Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves   and Ana Luiza Isoldi. The link to the next year course that I took this year: http://br.icfml.org/sobrenos/brasil/parceiros-formacao/modulo-internacional-2019/ .

Furthermore, I’ve participated in several mediation and communication courses and lectures, such as, ‘Theoretical and practical Mediation Fundamentals” with Ana Luiza Isoldi, “The basis of Non-Violent Communication” with Julia Albuquerque, “Mediation Tools” and “Mediation applied to the scholar context” both with Dulce Nascimento, “Online Dispute Resolution” with Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves and Ana Luiza Isoldi, and “Business Mediation” with Vivien Lys.


(all above were written in Portuguese)

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Garcia de Oliveira
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