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Ana Luiza Isoldi

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Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves
Feedback digest by Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves, 18 Jul 2018 This feedback digest is based on eight feedbacks on twelve mediations conducted since 2008 Parties and their advisors feel they are in a safe environment mainly by Ana Luisa exceptional understanding of the legal and people issues. There is a very strong sense of confidence in Ana Luisa that she is a very experienced mediator in São Paulo and that her style is supportive and effective in helping all evolved in the mediation to achieve a positive outcome for the situation. The feedbacks also highlight a real ability to calm down the situation, to inspire trust and to connect with all the participants. Careful preparation of the mediation process together with the parties and clear explanations of how the process can be a valuable way of settling disputes contribute to using the mediation time to best advantage of all. She was noted for having management skills which dealt with all the issues within the time frame very well an in a calm and supportive manner. Ana Luisa is said to be highly professional and well organized, and to demonstrate a high interest in reconciling the differences between the parties even in situations with a large number of people in the room. Ana Luisa was noted for having a very effective capacity of listening and understanding each party’s needs and to help them find a resolution that is satisfactory to both parties. This summary represents a fair and balanced view of the responses received. No reportable negative comments have arisen out of the mediations conducted by Ana Luisa.

This feedback digest was last updated 4 March 2016.
by Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves, 2 Apr 2020