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Arno Diederen

Experienced full-time legal mediator/facilitator and attorney at law. Solution focused.
There is always that other way to the solution. Deals are found, dealing with distrust.

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German, English, French, Dutch
Mediation Profile

Arno Diederen (1956), since 1988 attorney at law in Amsterdam, full time legal mediator and facilitator since 1999, graduated in 2005 cum laude as a Master on Dispute Resolution at Amsterdam University. His To Plead or not to Plead (2006) was the first book on mediation representation in the Netherlands and convinced Dutch lawyers to open up their minds (and those of their clients) to mediation and the specific skills of mediation representation. 

In his Amsterdam Civil Law/ADR practice he combines different methods of mediation, such as dealmaking, solution focused mediation and transformative mediation. He also acts as a binding advisor and arbitrator in both national and international disputes. 

As a teacher and trainer Diederen works for the Dutch Bar Association (NOVA), the Amsterdam ADR-institute and the OSR legal training Office. He publishes and gives lectures on the topic of mediation and mediation representation. He is a former member of the board of the Association of Dutch Mediator-Attorneys (NVvMA). In this role he also is active in the implementation program, both for the Court Annexed Mediation in the Dutch Courts and High Courts and the governmental Legal Aid programme which both seek to widen the acceptance of ADR in the Netherlands.

I faciltated over 700 mediations since 1999. 

Of these over 300 were cross border divorce disputes between parties which live in different countries around the world and had their divorce facilitated by me in the Netherlands. Many of these were same-sex marriages. 

Cross border mediations mostly are facilitated through internet or by conference call.

Mainly solution focused with a clear orientation om juridical aspects of the clients. Seeks intensive cooperation with the parties advocates. Focused on no-nonsense approach of conflicts. In on-line mediation focuses on non-simultaneous approach.
Business mediation, Labor disputes, family and estate experienced and certified on-line mediator

Commercial and Non-commercial Disputes:

net deal value € 500.000 : € 260 excl 21% VAT

VAT is not applicable for services outside EU

on request: mail to: [email protected]

Training and Education

Tilburg University the Netherlands: 1984 law degree

Dutch Bar Association: 1988 Admitted to Dutch Bar

Amsterdam ADR Institute: 1999 Mediation training Program

Amsterdam University (UVA) 2005 Master on dispute resolution

Le Tableau Netherlands: 2008 profesional Train the Trainer programme

Juripax On-line certification 2009

since 2003: Dutch Bar Association: trainerADR MEDIATION in legal skills training programme 
since 2003 several trainings and workshops for different schools and institutes on mediation advocacy, eg Dutch Mininstry of Justice, Dutch Legal Aid System, Workshops and Congresses.


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- De ervaren mediator: tasten naar het licht. Vragen over de essentie van een volwassen geworden beroepsgroep: Frerks, G.E., (red) Congresbundel De ervaren mediator, Univ. Utrecht, Maklu 2012
-De interculturele factor als uitdaging: cross culturele aspecten in de praktijk van de mediator in: Frerks, G.E., (red) Congresbundel Cross-cultural mediation, Univ. Utrecht, Maklu 2011 ISBN
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-To Plead or not to Plead, de rol van de advocaat als begeleider van zijn cliënt in het mediationtraject (NMI 2006), ISBN:90-78245-02-6


IMI Code of Professional Conduct. in Dutch law related Cases also both the Code of conduct of Dutch Bar Association(Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten) and the Dutch NMI code of conduct for certified mediators.

IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process
Mfn Code of conduct (Dutch mediation institute)
Dutch Bar Assocoation (NOVA)

Nationale Nederlanden covers up to € 2.000.000,-

Arno Diederen
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+31 646264500
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Master of Dispute Resolution
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Noord Holland
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