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Arno Diederen

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Carol Bloom
Feedback digest by Carol Bloom, 11 Jul 2018 Feedback Digest Arnos' legal practice has given him experience of negotiating and mediating in both business and people-focused environments. His dispute resolution practice has covered a wide variety of areas from commercial litigation to smaller matters, such as employment disputes and mortgage repossession claims. Arno has practised as a mediator in the Netherlands, where he took part in a few hundreds of mediations. Arno has also worked on many on-line mediations bringing together parties in Belgium, Germany, France, Indonesia and the USA. Arno adopts a flexible style in mediation to suit the needs of the parties in the dispute concerned. He has experience in working both in a solution focused and transformative approach, has understanding of techniques of both rights and interest-based dispute resolution and uses both facilitative and evaluative techniques. The aim is to see what each party truly needs and what issues matter to them most and then assists the parties in developing and negotiating options to find mutually- acceptable conclusions. Recent feedback has included that the service that Arno provided was excellent and was very professional, polite and courteous. Others have commented that they were totally satisfied with his professional service and that he had a particular strength in reading and understanding the information provided to him in a short time. Feedback has also involved very positive comment on Arno’s ability to put the parties at their ease and to understand what the mediation entailed, which helped the parties understand what was required to make the mediation successful. Arno showed himself as neutral, approachable and trustworthy in facilitating the parties in bringing to an end a dispute that had run on for two years. Arno has particular strengths in the areas of commercial, labor and cooperation, contract, property (real estate ), intellectual property, and family. There has been no negative feedback in the past two years, which is as far as this Feedback Digest goes back. Fer Kousen, The Netherlands Carol V. Bloom, U.S.A.

This feedback digest was last updated 30 September 2009.
by Carol Bloom, 4 Jul 2020