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Bart Neervoort

Parties and attorneys describe me as a a creative deal-maker, who creates an informal and personal atmosphere. Parties shaking hands at the end of the mediation make my day!

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Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States - NY
German, English, Dutch
Mediation Profile

Full time IMI, ICC, MfN and CEDR certified mediator l since 2007. 

Experience: over 400 meditations in commercial and business disputes.

Based in the Netherlands, but prepared to travel to wherever parties are located or a neutral country.

Trained and accredited by CEDR, (UK) and Harvard (2019 Summer school  Advanced Mediators Skills Training) . CPR distinguished neutral (USA) since 2017.

Bilingual (Dutch/English) and fluent in German. 

Previous career:

-over 30 years experience as a domestic and international litigation attorney.

-justice with the Amsterdam Court of Appeal from 2007 until 2016 (Commercial chamber).


- mediation between US bank and German Real Estate Investment fund over re-structuring credit facility for real estate portfolio of US $ 48 m, helping the parties re-open negotiations and conclude a deal.

-Letter of credit dispute between issuing bank and confirming bank. (€ 830.000)

-ongoing process management between real estate developer and contractor to resolve upcoming disputes during the construction of a hotel in the Caribbean (contract value € 24 m.)

General commercial: 
-mediation between partners in an accountancy partnership, (18 partners). Financial arrangements, agreement on goodwill, future use of firm's name, lease of the office, etc.

-mediation  between manufacturers of fashion wear and retailer over quality dispute( € 225.000)

-mediation between consultants firm and pharmaceutical company over quality of work and outstanding fees (€1.2 m)

Professional liability:
- €4,3 m claim for malpractice against firm of legal property attorneys.

-€850.000 claim against a divorce lawyer, for insufficient representation during divorce proceedings.

- €1,2 m claim from an insurance company against a recovery agent for loss of recovery possibility from a third party, due to lapse of time bar.

General Liability:
- € 236.000 claim against contractor and architect for defects in warehouse, resulting in the collapse of roof.

- €185.000 subrogation claim against yacht builder for damage to a yacht due to fire.

International Trade:
-Letter of credit dispute between issuing bank and confirming bank. (€ 830.000)

-mediation of a quality dispute and contamination claim between seller and purchaser of fish oil.

Maritime, transport land logistics:
-Dispute over Logistic and warehousing services, resulting in termination of a longstanding relationship.

-Recovery of damages machinery during transport within Europe (€ 85.000).

Insurance and reinsurance
-Various policy disputes.

-Bringing together again insurer and insurance agent who had ended a 23 year commercial relationship.

Personal injury

-medical malpractice claims (gynecologists, orthopedic surgeons, general practitioners, surgeons)

-claims for work related accident caused injury

-claims for traffic accident caused injury

Facilitative and directive when required. Eager to understand parties, what keeps them apart and to help them find a resolution. Preparation of mediation by studying documents provided by parties or their attorneys beforehand (confidentially if required) and by (internet) research of the parties and their representatives at the mediation. Private and conference calls with parties or their attorneys prior to the first session. One (or more) full or half day mediation sessions with parties and their attorneys. Joint session with opening statements by the parties or their attorneys followed by as many caucus meetings as it takes to uncover the core of the dispute, the interests of parties and their willingness to settle and at which level. Separate meetings with the attorneys (both individually and together) with frank confidential discussion of their expectations if the matter goes to trial. Private and conference calls with parties or their attorneys if mediation has failed in order to facilitate further negotiation.

Construction (process management during construction, claims). General commercial (general contracts, sale of goods, partnerships). Professional Liabilty (medical, real estate brokers, insurance intermediaries, attorneys). General liability (blue collar). Personal Injury and employment accidents. International Trade (commodities, LoC disputes, quality claims). Maritime, transport and logistics. Insurance and reinsurance.

half day between € 1.000,-- and € 1.500,--

full day between € 1.500,-- and € 3.500,--

Training and Education

Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, London.

Centrum voor Conflicthantering, Haarlem

Amsterdams ADR Instituut, Amsterdam

Harvard PON Summer-school 


IMI (Internationally) and MfN (Netherlands) Codes of Professional Conduct.

IMI (Internationally) and MfN (Netherlands) Professional Conduct Assessment Process.

with Markel Insurance S.E. , Luxemburg. Insurance cover €2,269.000.

Bart Neervoort
full time mediator
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