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Mediation Profile
International Negotiations UN-Consulting, Mediation-Coaching & Training MEDIA PEACE BUILDING-Lynch/ Galtung- Fragile States Team building, Workplace Conflict Resolution & Communications Accredited MEDIATOR, CEDR-CSMC-WIPO-CMAP-GENEVA STATE Gender oriented poverty reduction consultant. Education and Justice. Humanitarian Coordinator, Manager in Peace Building Projects, Counseling in Communications Strategies Professional Journalist, Conflict transformation & Peace building expert. International accredited mediator & peace negotiator Worked for ICRC, MSF, SDC, UNDP In Mozambique, ex-Bosnia, Rwanda, Mali, Sri Lanka, Cambodia & South Africa. Swiss Charge d’Affaires & Head Development Cooperation in Rwanda (1997-01) Coordinated UNOCHA “Interagency Humanitarian Appeal” Guinea-Conakry Published book Rwanda’s reconciliation process available on Amazon Senior project manager Washington DC for IMTD, Institute multi-track diplomacy Trainer Geneva CASIN-Centre for International Negotiations. Country representative Ivory Coast for INTERNEWS: reliable information in conflict zones. Democratization & Decentralization, preparation of the elections Training given in Ivory Coast to 15 newspapers to political journalists as Media Peace building journalism for transitional governments (Method J.Galtung). Lead in Abidjan at American Embassy workshops on Gender & Economic development. Evaluations Post-conflict projects UNDP for DRC, Afghanistan & Sierra Leone.
I divide my time as an active mediator between commercial mediation in Geneva, London and Paris and international training in mediation and conflict resolution skills for the UN, the EU and the ministries of justice, rehabilitation and reconciliation in developing and post-conflict countries. 1. I have been leading 17 mediations (9 commercial and 8 community / social in 2007-2008 and 3 as a co-mediator.) 2. I have worked in the Mediation and Negotiation for the Peace Process in Ivory Coast in 2006-2007 3. I have lead several important mediations in AFrica and given conferences on Media Peace Building and training journalists throughout the world for a Peace Building Reporting Approach in 2008 4. I am a mediator in the area of the MEDIA and the REPORTING for journalists / commercial press
I apply quite strictly the CEDR framework of mediation with caucus and integrate the transformative/collaborative mediation standards with my non-violent communications/ PNL degree and the 5 steps towards the settlement. I spend a lot of time on the expression of the emotions and feelings then an extended time with the options and leave usually a certain time between the fourth and the fifth phase - often a couple of days in order for the parties in conflict to be able to think and consult their experts. I do not interfere or offer solutions or answers unless I am clearly asked to give my opinion and even then... I do not give it - I give hints. My principle is really to let the parties in conflict find their own solutions even if it takes time and even I have of course a lot of ideas for them!!! Commercial partners appreciate my way of rephrasing their thoughts and finding with them their solution, without saying in advance what should be done or not... I am never trying to fix the problem! I listen... and hear what is not said...
Areas of specialization: •I am specialized in commercial mediation between small companies. •Media Peace Building (mediation in reporting skills between the journalist and his editorial line and mediation for Press and Media’s conflict.) •Social Mediation for neighborhood and community as well as NGOs disputes. •Workplace mediation for mobbing or management conflicts inside a company. •Intercultural mediation for couples of different culture and religion. •Supervision of mediation for mediators, with the CEDR frame. •Promotion of mediation and explaining what it is. •Preparation of a DVD for 2009 ( scenario and explanation of a mediation process).

I ask for 250.- CHF per hour ( = Around 225 Dollars/ around 215 Euros )

CEDR London CSMC - Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation MBB - Mediators Beyond Borders Groupe Pro Mediation - Geneva WIPO - Geneva CMAP Center for Mediation - Paris State of Geneva ICRC - International Comittee of the Red Cross Systemic Peace Building, Conflict Transformation & Post-war recovery and reconciliation Certificate UN- Romania CLUJ Strategic Intervention Conflict Coaching Diploma Robbins-Madanes, San Diego

Bill Marsh, GB - Mediator Rory Mc Millan, GB - Mediator Birgit Sambeth Glasner, CH David Bernstein, US/ CH Noa Zanolli-Davenport, US/ CH Ambassador John Mc Donald, Washington DC Kathleen Cravero- Kristofferson, Director - BCPR-UNDP Dr. Beat Schweizer, ICRC, Director of Operations, CH

Training and Education
Oregon-Portland-US: Process Communications and Mediation ICRC: Negotiations, Protection and Detention UN: Human Rights and Advocay ( OCHA) M. Rosenberg: 4 years NVC/ USA E-University: J. Galtung: Transcend: Peace Building and Transformation Geneva and CMAP: Training in mediation for penal and civil cases NLP: Degree in San Diego-California about Neuro-Linguistic Programming/Beliefs Media - Peace Building and Peace Reporting: UNESCO Paris and Jack Lynch London CEDR London: Commercial Mediation Negotiation: Jeff Krivis- Pepperdine University: Improvisational Mediation and Negotiations
Kennedy Center for Human Rights - Washington DC: mediation IMTD: Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy - Washington DC: negotiation and mediation CASIN Geneva: International center for applied strategies in Negotiations ICRC: International Red Cross - Diessemination and Mediation for IHL - International Humanitarian Law American Embassy: Ivory Coast: Mediation and Peace Negotiations for preparation of elections Newspapers: Training for political journalists in CH-BE-FR-and post conflict countries in Africa NGO's and Institutions: Peace Reporting versus War reporting how to mediate? Conferences and Seminars for Human Rights, Advocacy and Mediation skills Training in commercial mediation for HR in international companies in Geneva Training in commercial mediation for outplacement companies.
THE ART OF CONFLICT OR HOW TO STAY ZEN, jANUS PUBLISHING LONDON, 2009 on Amazon Several publications on Good Governance, Decentralization, Peace Talks in AFrica- ( see my website Book on Rwanda's reconciliation process: "Rwanda: Work of God, Work of Evil" - 2002, available on Amazon at Book on Conflict Resolution to be published mid 2009 Review on Media-Peace Building

IMI Code of Professional Conduct. I also signed the code of conduct of CEDR London and apply it. I have been sworn in as an Official Meditor for the State of Geneva and apply total confidentiality I have been recognized by the UN as being a neutral negotiator enhancing the dialogue between enemies without showing preferences! This was the case for negotiations between the Touaregs in Mali ( from Timbouctou) and the Malian Government ( from Bamako). I have regular exchanges with colleagues in supervision to ensure a total impartial behaviour and analyze my mediations as thoroughly as I can in order to ensure a real fair, non manipulative and non judgemental behaviour.

IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process

Zurich assurances protection juridique 10.000 CHF

Brigitte Irene Kehrer
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