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Cora Van De Put - van Hooijdonk

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Belgium, Netherlands
Mediation Profile
Drs Cora van de Put – van Hooijdonk is a certified Mediator in the specific areas of Employment / conflicts on the work floor, Healthcare, Education and the Public Sector. She also likes to attend peer-meetings. After studying Organizational Psychology, she gained management experience for several years and was a sales manager in the service industries. She is a certified member of the Dutch Mediation Institute (NMI), member of the NMI Group Employment Mediation, board member of the Mediators Organization Brabant (MVB), member of the Dutch Mediators Organisation (NMv) and a guest-trainer at the Mediation Training institute (MTi). She is an active mediator for the courts of law in Breda, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Roermond. She created MediationCouR®; a mediation game to professionalise the mediator.
Mediator since 2004; over 100 succesful mediations in the areas: - Employment disputes: exit mediations as well as internal mediations between employees. - Healthcare: she is a member of several organisations dealing with complaints against doctors. Based on these experiences, she now trains doctors in how to deal with conflicts in the consulting room. - Education: schools often invite her to do (team) mediations in order to restore the relationship between employees. - Public Sector: solving conflicts between a citizen and the authorities.
Cora van de Put – van Hooijdonk uses mixed style. Depending on the situation, she uses facilitative, evaluative or solution-focussed mediation. With her background in psychology she works with several skills and styles necessary to achieve a successful mediation. She describes herself as enthusiastic, pragmatic, focussed on result and empathetic.
Employment disputes, business-related conflicts, healthcare, education and the public sector

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- Dutch Mediators Association (NMv) - NMI Group Employment Mediation - Board Member of Mediators Organization Brabant (MVB)
Training and Education
Mediation training was conducted at Mediation Training Instituut (Amersfoort) in 2004. NLP Business Practioner / NLP coaching Mediation with conflicts on the work floor Solution Focussed Mediation Permanent education
She trains, as a guest-trainer at MTi, mediators (for example the specialisation in Employment conflicts). Furthermore, she uses her own tool MediationCouR, a business-game about conflict management and mediation, to train mediators.
*The tool MediationCouR (2009) *An article in "Tijdschrift Conflicthantering" (nr. 5, 2010) / Journal of conflict management

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Van De Put - van Hooijdonk
Cora van der Put
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