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Feedback digest by IMI Support, 24 Aug 2018 Number of assessments received in respect of the mediator: 6 since May 2015 This report has been established by the reviewer based on the assessment forms sent back by mediation users and allows to draw the following conclusions regarding the quality of the mediation services granted by the mediator and the essence of its practice: 1. 100% of users have indicated that they would select this mediator again. 2. Furthermore, they would all recommend this mediator to potential users. Their choice relies on the mediator’s listening and rewording skills as well as her talent to explain the mediation context and to comply with its process. 3. Based on the opinions of all users, Elodie-Anne TELEMAQUE has shown, in particular, the following skills and talents: - listening and rewording skills; - respecting the relevant persons (mediated parties and lawyers); - patience and sensitivity; - firmness and creativity; - skills for synthesis; - pugnacity. 4. Among the skills and talents of the mediator, her listening skills and rewording ability as well as her neutrality have proved decisive in respect of the outcome of the mediation. These skills allowed a better listening of the concerns of the other party by each of the mediated parties. 5. The mediator was selected: a) on the IFCM web site: 0%; b) upon suggestion of a colleague, of a Law Firm or another professional: 30%; c) through an organization or an institution: 70%; d) by one of the other parties involved: 0%; e) by other means (having met her in a training or in the context of another matter): 0%. 6. In respect of the costs of the mediator, 50% of respondents considered that the cost of the mediation was neutral or non-applicable. 20% stated that this cost was very satisfactory. Certain respondents declined to answer this question. One respondent emphasized Elodie-Anne TELEMAQUE’s adaptability to take into account the limited resources of one of the mediated persons. 7. The satisfaction rate expressed by the users in connection with the mediation process and with the outcome obtained by the parties is as follows: • very unsatisfied: 0% • unsatisfied: 0% • neutral: 0% • satisfied: 70% • very satisfied: 30% • not applicable: 0% Certain users insisted in emphasizing that the parties and counsels had been extremely happy to come out of an inextricable situation. Others emphasized that the mediation had been a very successful and satisfactory experience in a context particularly adapted to the process. 8. When a mediation or conflict resolution organization was involved in the selection of the mediator, the overall satisfaction rate of the users in respect of such organization amounted to 100% of expressed opinions, it being specified that two persons did not answer this question. 9. For 100% of respondents, the mediation allowed the participants to solve most of their problems. Certain respondents emphasized that, independently of the successful outcome of the mediation, the benefit of their participation consisted in the possibility offered to each party to extensively express and assert its point of view. One of the respondents indicated that his participation in the mediation was an extremely useful opening on alternative dispute-resolution methods. This experience prompted him to be trained in mediation. It must be noted that no negative comment or criticism has been made in the questionnaire regarding Elodie-Anne TELEMAQUE. 10. 60% of respondents did resort to mediation before. 11. Lastly, the following accepted to be listed as reference in this mediator’s profile on the IFCM web site: - Maître Alexandre GRUBER, Avocat at the Paris Bar, email: [email protected] - Maître Sophie HAVARD DUCLOS, Avocat at the Paris Bar, email: [email protected] - Maître CHENET, Avocat at the Paris Bar, email: [email protected] - Maître BAUD, Avocat at the Paris Bar, email: [email protected] - Maître Romain CARAYOL, Avocat at the Paris Bar and member of the Bar Council, email: [email protected]
This feedback digest was last updated 9 October 2015.
by IMI Support, 13 Aug 2020