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Sean Obaoill
Feedback digest by Sean Obaoill, 21 Jan 2018 Mediator: - Enda Young
Last Reviewed January 2018
This review is based on a combination of feedback from 278 hours of face-to-face mediation practice as well as feedback from co-workers, trainees, individual clients, groups and mediators who have worked for and with Enda for over 15 years.
I have known Enda Young in the field of peace building and mediation for over 15 years. I that time I have seen him work as an Interface Monitor in a peacekeeping programme on the interfaces of Belfast, as a mediator in a range of cases from simple neighbour and workplace cases to complex and long lasting inter-community mediations, as a mediator trainer from initial and foundation courses through to advanced conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation training and as a mediation service manager in both the public, and community sectors.
Service users and clients tend to note Enda’s theoretical knowledge in the fields of mediation, peace building and negotiation as well as his apparently boundless enthusiasm and energy. As a mediator he is attentive, client centered, compassionate, courageous, skilled, patient and impartial. As a trainer he is clear, well informed, energetic, enthusiastic and creative. As a mediation service manager he is supportive, calm, analytical, solution focussed, effective, flexible and professional.
In recent cases clients have commented on Enda’s impartiality, ability to explain the principles and process of mediation clearly and succinctly, professionalism, ability to hold appropriate boundaries of confidentiality, creativity and commitment to the client’s care and wellbeing. There have been no concerns or reportable negative comments on Enda’s practice in any of the cases or 278 hours of practice over the past 5 years.
Reviewer: - Sean OBaoill
Mediator Trainer for Mediation Northern Ireland
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by Sean Obaoill, 22 Jan 2020