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Engelin Teh

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George Lim
Feedback digest by George Lim, 17 Jul 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on 5 feedback in 5 mediations, initially submitted on Friday 26th May 2017. This Feedback Digest is based on feedback received from a number of lawyers who represented parties in mediations before Ms Engelin Teh, Senior Counsel. From the responses in the feedback reviewed, Engelin was found to be well prepared for her mediations, and able to grasp the issues in contention quickly. She was patient, professional and impartial in her dealings. Whilst allowing parties to vent their frustrations, she was at the same time able to provide a calming influence on them: to get them to explore options effectively. One respondent commented that Engelin was a good listener, empathetic and caring towards the parties. With her encouragement, the parties were able to communicate effectively and eventually reached an amicable settlement. In one of the cases, it was remarked that the mediation took a number of unexpected turns. At one point, it appeared as if settlement would not be achievable. However, through sheer persistence and determination, Engelin managed to get the parties to settle. She even got them to shake hands at the end of the mediation! In all the responses, the feedback given was that Engelin was a competent, determined and professional mediator.

This feedback digest was last updated 27 May 2017.
by George Lim, 4 Jun 2020