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Fernanda Levy

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Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves
Feedback digest by Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves, 18 Jul 2018 Five mediation participants reflected on Fernanda Levy's skills in mediation. Parties, lawyers and co-mediators have appreciated Mrs. Levy mediation skills. In particular Mrs. Levy is reported to be someone that inspires trust and that knows how to speak to the different people in the room. Parties comment on her calm and constructive approach, in one instance despite the difficult climate in the room, on her abilities to manage the process and to explain its importance for the success of the mediation, and in her specific ability to quickly form a collaborative mediation relationship with the parties. Phrases that participants use in describing Ms. Levy as a mediator include: an excellent communicator, a knowledgeable about mediation techniques and when to use them in the stage of the process, capable to manage very complex issues mainly in the family-run businesses, focusing especially on the partnership and succession processes. Her ability to maintain equal focus with both parties has also been a plus reported. In Brazil mediation is in its first days. Participants reported that Ms Levy was able to create an environment of credibility in the mediation process and also create the necessary security for those involved so they could expose their questions honestly. And, in addition, all the participants indicate that they would use this mediator again and that they recommend Ms Levy to others.

This feedback digest was last updated 19 June 2014.
by Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves, 2 Apr 2020