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Geralda Beatriz Dorigatti Borges

My performance is based on professional ethics and quality at all stages. Have proven experience and national and international certifications,keeping me in constant improvement.

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Argentina, Brazil
Spanish, Portuguese
Mediation Profile

She is a private mediator, qualified in mediation by the ICFML/IMI, an independent lawyer and consultant with experience in Business Law and Mediation. Partner at CONVENIRE - Centro de Prevenção e Solução de Conflitos S/S Ltda. She has been acting as a mediator and conflict manager in several cases involving family and business conflicts. Availability of online service through applications. In constant learning and practical action. your complete curriculum can be found at:


With over 20 years of experience in the administration and accounting of big companies, she graduated in Law, have a post-graduation in Direito Penal Econômico e de Empresa/EDB-FECAP. In mediation, after the first capacitation following Res.125/10, she started working on CEJUSC (Centro Judicial de Solução de Conflitos e Cidadania) in Campinas/SP, as well as an academic and in 2015, opened her own center of private mediation. Post-graduation in Appropriate Methods of Conflict Resolution – Escola Paulista da Magistratura/SP. Magister en Mediación, Resolución de Conflictos y Justicia Restaurativa- Asociación Argentina de Mediación Intercisciplinaria y Formación Ejecutiva Instituto/Buenos Aires-Argentina.



Beatriz has an experience of the facilitative mediation model in Brasil, but has enough experience to identify the needs and expectations of the parties and to choose, suggest and use the more appropriate mediation style to the case. The most important point is that each case is unique and deserves to be managed in a very special way that includes impartiality, creativity and trust.

Her representation has embraced a broad range of civel, commercial and family disputes

CONVENIRE - Centro de Prevenção e Solução de Conflitos S/S Ltda

Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil (Brazilian Bar Association)

Member of the Comissão de Conciliação e Mediação (Mediation and Conciliation Commission) of Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil (Brazilian Bar Association) in Campinas/SP

Tribunal de Justiça do Estado de São Paulo – Judicial mediator / conciliator


Ana Maria Gonçalves: [email protected]

Training and Education

2019 Transformative mediation for mediators. Prof. Adolfo Braga. (14hs)

2018 - Maestría de Derecho Empresario  y  Mediación y Resolucion de Conflictos  - ESEADE - Instituto Universitário - Buenos Aires/ Argentina - (2015/2017)

2018 Update on Family Law – Inventories (30hs)

2017 Course: Mediation and Alternative Resolution of Conflicts (Estudio Luce-Buenos Aires) (40hs)

2017 Course - Mediation: The Future of Law (20 hours), Course - Mediation for Brazilian Lawyers, by the International Academic Institute of Mediation - IIAMA - Brazil / USA (40 hours),

2017 Family Mediation suitable for parental alienation and shared custody (OABSP), 1st Arbitration Forum of Campinas (OABSP),

2017 – Maestria Internacional em Mediación y Resolucion de Conflictos y Justicia Restaurativa – Associacion de la Naciones Unidad em la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, membro de la Word Federation of United Nations Associations, junto com la Asociación Argentina de Mediación Intercisciplinaria y Formación Ejecutiva Instituto (2015/2017)

2016 – Post-graduate in Appropriate Methods of Conflict Resolution – Escola Paulista da Magistratura/SP

2016 – Master Classes HSM- Getting to Yes: Negotiating the Best Possible Arrangements in Tough Times - William Ury.

2016 – Training course for Instructors in Judicial Mediation - Conselho Nacional de Justiça –Brasília/DF

2016- Mediation, Arbitration and Restorative Justice as Instruments for Conflict Resolution – PRETEL Mediação e Arbitragem.

2015- Family Mediation– IMAB

2015- Legal Psychoanalysis for Mediators – Instituto de Psicanálise Positiva

2015- Training Course for Trainers of Parents and Children Workshops (Oficinais de Pais e Filhos) - Conselho Nacional de Justiça (CNJ) – Brasília/DF

2015 - Advanced Mediator Certified by the ICFML (Level 2) - ICFML- Instituto de Certificação e Formação de Mediadores Lusófonos

2015- Online Course of Mediation Update for Brazilian Lawyers (held in Boston) Instituto Internacional Acadêmico de Mediação

2014- Seminar "How can Mediation and Arbitration help in the access and streamlining of Justice?" Federal Court Council – Brasília/DF

2014- Basics of Conciliation and Conflict Resolution for Business Representatives - 30h – Escola Nacional de Mediação (ENAM) - Conselho Nacional de Justiça (CNJ)

2014- Theory and Practice of Conflict - How to deal with it in plural and democratic settings - International Seminar with Wolfgang Dietrich, Instituto Palas Athena.

2013 - Mediator Certified by the ICFML (Level 1) - ICFML- Instituto de Certificação e Formação de Mediadores Lusófonos

2013- Judicial Mediation -100h - Escola Nacional de Mediação (ENAM) – Conselho Nacional de Justiça (CNJ)

2013- Pre-course of Presentation to the appropriate resolution of disputes - Escola Nacional de Mediação (ENAM) – Conselho Nacional de Justiça (CNJ)

2012- Practice in Arbitration - Escola Superior da Advocacia/ SP (ESA/SP)

2012 - Negotiation and Business Mediation. Câmara Brasileira de Mediação e Arbitragem Empresarial – (CBMAE) -

Teacher at Escola Superior da Advocacia in Campinas-SP –and the Salesian University Center of São Paulo / UNISAL in Campinas-SP in courses of capacitation of judicial mediators.

Instructor in Training by the Conselho Nacional de Justiça of training courses for judicial mediators.

Visiting professor in the Postgraduate course in Civil Procedural Law, in the Module - Special Courts, Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration, at Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas/SP

Teacher at the module - Special Courts at Metrocamp / Veris in Campinas /SP

Teaches free courses in accordance with Resolution 125/10, according to the instructor training standards of the CNJ.

Supervises students during internships - minimum 60 hours.

Participation as Mediator Evaluator in the 9th Brazilian Competition of Arbitration and Business Mediation of CAMARB

2018 Participation as speaker of the Mediation and the Federal Constitution (XVII Week of Legal Studies - UNISAL-Americana)

2018 Participation as speaker of the IDHEALL (Strategic Solutions for Conflict Negotiation)

2017 Participation as speaker of the I Cycle of Debates on alternative forms of dispute resolution: Conciliation and Mediation in Focus: Family Mediation - The view of the lawyer Mediator (Mackenzie),

2016 – Participation as speaker of the AWARENESS WEEK FOR MEDIATION at the event "FREE LECTURE CYCLE - CONVENIRE", with the theme: OFFICE OF PARENTS.

2014- MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION - TOOLS OF CONTEMPORARY ADVOCATE – Lecture at Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil (Brazilian Bar Association) in Campinas/SP

2014- MEDIATION AND ITS ASPECTS - 1st SYMPOSIUM OF DISCUSSION AND DEBATES OF THE YOUNG ADVOCATE'S COMMITTEE - Lecture at Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil (Brazilian Bar Association) in Valinhos/SP


2019 - Humanization of the Services of the Brazilian Judiciary: a study on the introduction of Judicial Mediation and the rate of need for judicial intervention after an agreement

2018 – Peaceful Settlement of Controversies in the Brazilian Judiciary: The role of the Advocate in this system. Monograph presented to the Paulista School of the Magistracy as a partial requirement for the ordeal in the "Lato Sensu" Postgraduate Course - Specialization in Alternative Methods of Conflict Resolution - Law.

2016 - O Olhar do Advogado Mediador – Article published by Instituto Diálogos – Edition:

Mediação de Conflitos – Um trabalho sério no qual não cabem amadorismos – Article published by Revista EducAires – January of 2016 edition:

2014 - Panorama Atual da Mediação de Conflitos no Brasil - Atualidade Jurídica e Vivência. Article published by Portal da Educação:!1




IMI Code of Professional Conduct.
CONIMA - Conselho Nacional das Instituições de Mediação e Arbitragem - Code of Ethics.

IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process.

None. We still don't have professional indemnity insurance for mediators in Brazil. We are working in that field to get it as soon as possible

Geralda Beatriz
Dorigatti Borges
Beatriz Borges
Rua Helena Steimberg, 1005/B
São Paulo