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Harold Arkin

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Member of the Ontario and Manitoba Bars (currently non practising) with over 7400 mediation/settlement conferences. Thirty years of law practice and 20 years of mediation practice experience. My main areas of mediation: 1) Personal Injury, Insurance 2) Corporate/Commercial/Civil Litigation 3) Employment/Wrongful Dismissal 4) Estates

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Adam Fox
Feedback digest by Adam Fox, 15 Jul 2018 I have conducted in excess of 10 mediations with Mr. Arkin over the past 6 years, as well as managed individuals who have also conducted mediations with Mr. Arkin. I find Mr. Arkin to be an extremely competent mediator. His ability to think outside the box and bring opposing sides together displays his skill and neutrality to all parties. As an example, in a mediation conducted with multiple parties, of which, only 2 were primary decision makers, Mr. Arkin was able to sort out the competing interests and push the primary parties towards resolution of the claim while attempting to keep the other parties at bay in pressing their own agenda’s. This proved to be extremely important as one of the primary parties demonstrated an acute capacity to be bullied and influenced. Mr. Arkin’s management skills in preliminary processes also take advantage of his key strength in organization. The mediations were set up efficiently, and paperwork was explained and requested with all due haste. As this was a mandatory government system the efficiency is appreciated. While Mr. Arkin does not demonstrably identify with either side, his ability to relate to the parties both in caucus and during the plenary sessions show his emotive abilities during trying circumstances (for the parties). This ability to connect with his parties is a definite strength. I have had the opportunity to manage people in a professional situation who have complete mediations with Mr. Arkin. No negative feedback has been received by myself in relation to any mediation that Mr. Arkin has completed.
This feedback digest was last updated 19 May 2009.
by Adam Fox, 3 Jun 2020