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Huub Sprangers

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Mediation Profile

Ir. Huub F.A. Sprangers (1949) has since 1998 successfully acted as mediator in a vast range of cases, mainly in the field of construction. He mediated at the request of the Netherlands Mediation Institute (NMI), of the ACB Foundation (Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers VNO-NCW), of the courts of Amsterdam, Breda, The Hague and Rotterdam and of the courts of appeal of Amsterdam and The Hague. 

He is founder, first president and Honorary President of the Dutch Mediators Association (NMv; 2002 -  ). He was board member of the Netherlands Mediation Institute (2002-2011) and between 1999 and 2006 president of the Building and Construction Mediators Association (Vereniging Bouwmediators). He is founder and boardmember of Presolve, Centre of Expertise for Dispute free Construction (Presolve, expertisecentrum voor geschillenvrij bouwen; 2016)

The matters that have been submitted to him in the course of years vary. He mediated successfully in disputes about tunnels, foundations, culverts, refurbishments (both of houses and businesses), newly developed property (ditto), property development (house building), damage caused by construction work, building costs (additional work), cooperation, etcetera. Parties consider his broad experience and broad work field as an advantage. In evaluations he scored above average with regard to speed, result, impartiality and due care.

Huub Sprangers studied architecture and urban planning at the Technical University of Delft. Since then he has worked as senior project manager, independent entrepreneur, investor and consultant.

Huub Sprangers has since 1998 successfully acted as mediator in a vast range of cases, mainly in the field of construction (100+ mediations), often in complicated situations with listed companies, high financial risks or government agencies involved.

He knows them all, but works mainly at the request of client in the field in the evaluative style.

Construction, environmental, real estate/property, area development, infrastructure.

€ 350,- per hour.

Owner Partridge BV.

(Board) Member of Presolve, expertisecentrum voor geschillenvrij bouwen (see Background).

Member of NMv (see Background).

Member of Vereniging Bouwmediators (see Background).

Arent van Wassenaer, Shawn Conway, John Bosnak, Kitty Duell.

Training and Education

Lime Tree.

Centrum voor Conflicthantering.

Counselor en Confidant for the members of the Netherlands Mediators Association (NMv).

Mentoring mediators in the field of construction (Bouwmediators).


Bouwmediation, Sdu, 2006
De praktijk van geschilbemiddeling in bouw, vastgoed, gebiedsontwikkeling en infra, Sdu, 2015 (The good practice of conflictresolution in the field of construction, real estate/property, area development and infrastructure).

Main articles:
De mediator als ondernemer, 2011.
Mediation, markt en beroep, 2012.
Mediation in Nederland bedrijfsmatig beschouwd. (2012)
De Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (2014)


IMI Code of Professional Conduct; Vereniging Bouwmediators; Presolve.

Vereniging Bouwmediators; Presolve.

Projectwise, conform standards of the Dutch Mediators Association; specifications available on request.

Huub Sprangers
+31 70 328 41 44
+31 06 5 47 47 4 47
Partridge BV; Presolve
Wassenaarseweg 135
Den Haag
The Hague
2596 CN
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