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Ivy-Victoria Otradovec

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United Kingdom
Czech, German
Mediation Profile

I have been trying to segway into the mediation profession and it has been quite challenging The industry seems to be very experience based and this creates a hurdle for inexperienced mediators like myself who are keen but haven't had their first opportunity to practice. I am hoping that under the supervision and guidance of a mentor I can overcome this barrier and start gaining experience and developing my own mediation practice.

I am a second-year international arbitration associate at Shearman & Sterling in London. However, currently, I am seconded into the European Pro Bono Manager role, which has allowed me to expand my practice and start gaining significant experience with handling my own pro bono clients in all industry sectors. I am in charge of our eight European offices and all their pro bono and corporate social responsibility initiatives. 

My background is in psychology and environmental law, both areas I focused my undergraduate and graduate degrees on respectively. I have found the intersection of those subjects to be of particular interest to me and I see meditation as a delicate fusion of the two disciplines.

I don't have any "real-life" experience in mediation. My experience in mediations is limited to classroom simulations I partook in during the acquisition of my mediation certificate with Nan Burnett at Colorado Law School, as part of my Juris Doctor. I enjoyed those very much and am very keen to get started on real mediations.

The majority of my experience is in the law. I have clerked for the Hon. Justice Kane of the 10th Circuit, in Denver, Colorado. I have also interned for the American Arbitration Association and the Environmental Protection Bureau at the New York Attorney's General Office. 

I have also worked with clients like The Nature Conservancy, The Natural Resources Defense Council and Earth Law Centre. But my work has not been limited to strictly environmental matters, as my international arbitration practice has so far focused on bilateral investment treaties.

Colorado Mediation Certificate 

Ashley Hammett ([email protected])
Joanna Shultz ([email protected])

Training and Education

I completed a mediation certificate at Colorado Law School. Which was a semester-long course that covered history, theory and application. Every lesson we carried out simulations and reflections. The course consisted of 25 hours in-class simulations and 40 hours total learning time.

I am currently looking into completing another course to further my education on this subject, but am uncertain which course is best suited to my current situation. I am open to any suggestions about which course might be a good choice.

International Arbitration associate
Shearman & Sterling LLP
9 Appold Street
United Kingdom
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