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Júlia Albuquerque

Specialist in conflict management, with extensive experience in business mediation and demands of the elderly. She acts as mediator in the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais.

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English, Portuguese
Mediation Profile

Júlia started to focus on the systematic study of mediation in 2010 with the advent of the National Judicial Policy of appropriate resolution in the treatment of conflict of interest in the Judiciary. She became a judicial mediator by the Minas Gerais Court of Justice in 2013. As she began her activities as a mediator, Júlia was invited to participate in the training of instructors, in judicial mediation, promoted by the National Mediation School and from then on, contributed to the formation of judicial mediators in several Brazilian cities. From these experiences, Júlia became a private mediator certified by ICFML, with the purpose of expanding her activities, began her master's degree at Universidade Federal de Viçosa, with the objective of investigating the practical benefits of mediation for process users, especially family members.


The practical knowledge aligned with research granted Júlia the coordination of the Judiciary Center for Conflict Resolution and Citizenship, whose function is to train and coordinate the team of judicial mediators and conciliators. Currently, she acts as supervisor of the judicial mediators in formation of the Minas Gerais Court of Justice.  In addition, she became responsible for creating a specialized conflict mediation program for elderly citizens, "Conversations at the best age", in Juiz de Fora - Minas Gerais.

In order to expand her abilities, Júlia participated in a mediation course focusing on the resolution of organizational conflicts at the  Postgrado Asociacion Civil and Restorative Justice at the Escola Superior da Magistratura do Rio Grande do Sul. Since then, Julia has ministered several training courses for private mediators in partnership with private assemblies and educational institutions.

The experience as coordinator of mediation projects in different companies gives her the ability to manage organizational conflicts and teams.

Since the beginning of her career as a mediator, Júlia has had the opportunity to mediate several types of conflicts, notably, family, business, family business and successions. Júlia expanded her role as mediator after finishing her master's degree and after the implementation of the Judiciary Center for Conflict Resolution, being the main mediator of the city of Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais.

In the last year Júlia has dedicated herself to mediations involving elderly people, since conflicts that violate the needs and norms of protection of the citizen over 60 years have been growing. Work that has brought her invitations for coordination in similar projects, lectures and mediations.


She serves as Mediator in civil cases such as Family and Personal Law disputes, i.e.: divorce, alimony, division of property, child custody issues; Relationship matters, Employment disputes, Multicultural matters, organizations conflicts and other areas of conflicts among natural people and business related conflict



€ 185, 00 / € 200,00

Supervisor of CEJUSC - Court of Justice of Minas Gerais. Program Coordinator "Conversation at the earliest age".

Training and Education

2018: Advanced Course in International Negotiations by USP  (16 hours) 

2018:Intermediate Course in International Negotiations by USP (08 hours)

2018: Training Course in International Negotiations by USP  (16 hours)

2017: Training Organizations Conflicts by Programas de Estudios de Postgrado Asociacion Civil ( 40 horas)

2016: Advanced Mediator Certified by the ICFML (Level 2)

2016: School Mediation Workshop by Programas de Estudios de Postgrado Asociacion Civil (16 hours)

2015: Mediator Certified by the ICFML (Level 1)



IMI Code of Professional Conduct.

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None. We still don't have professional indemnity insurance for mediators in Brazil. We are working in that field to get it as soon as possible.

Julia Delfino Albuquerque
Court of Justice of Minas Gerais
Alameda Passaro da Polônia, 185/802
Juiz de Fora
Minas Gerais