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Jeff Thompson

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United States - NY
Mediation Profile

I currently mediate in:
New York Peace Institute Mediation Centers
New York County Civil Court

I mediate (informal) and negotiate for the New York City Police Department (among other tasks).

Additionally, I do private consulting, training and coaching.

My experience mediating in goverment, community centers, and civil court has allowed me to help people in various situations ranging from high pressure violent situations, to landlord conflicts and contract issues involving thousands of dollars.
I have successfully mediated situations involving different culture backgrounds, multiple parties, complex and time sensitive issues.

I appreciate mediation and its ability to allow the parties, along with the help and guidance of me as the neutral mediator, to identify issues, and explore solutions. The goal is to find a solution that is beneficial to both parties and exceeds an alternative choice outside of a mediated agreement. My mediation style is best described as interest based which is structured around the facilitative style. At the same time I appreciate the value and need at times to include transformative and evaluative techniques. I ask questions, validate and summarize each party’s points of view, acknowledge the emotions that are present and help identify the issues in order to look at the interests behind the positions. Then, we are able to explore solutions that benefit both parties. I do not make recommendations to the parties or give advice on how the issue might be handled by a judge or in arbitration. What I do is ask parties questions and really test their ideas and suggestions so each party can figure out what is best for them given the current situation. When possible, I encourage the parties to prepare prior to the mediation. This preparation can include any of the following: a brief history statement of the issue, conference calls, email and a mediation preparation form. The steps I usually follow during a mediation include getting an opening statement from each party, gathering more information, identifying key issues, exploring options, analyzing the options, possible offers based on the options, detailing an agreement, and conclusion. Occasionally, and at varying times during the mediation, I will meet with each party separately if I feel it will help contribute to moving the mediation in a positive direction. My style and adaptability has been proven successful in mediations including high pressure, large crowd violent situations; money/credit transactions; intergovernmental affairs; community groups; cultural conflicts; employment disputes among others.
My main practice areas include: Fee disputes Contract issues Credit debt Monetary disputes Community issues Quality of life complaints Government related issues Landlord issues Business transactions Loan Sports Cultural and religous

Please contact for more information regarding my rates.

Certifed Mediator, New York Peace Institute New York State Dispute Resolution Association (NYSDRA) Association for Conflict Resolution, Greater New York (ACRGNY) Mediator and Arbitrator with New York County Lawyers Association (NYCLA)

References are available upon request.

Training and Education

- Research Fellow, Columbia University Law School

- PhD Candidate at Griffith University Law School

- Masters Degree in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at Creighton University

- 40 Hour Basic Mediation Training (requisite to mediate in New York State Community Mediation Centers) with New York Peace Institute

- 14 week mediation apprenticeship with New York Peace Institute

- Completed Certification process with New York Peace Institute (based on cases handled)

- 2 Day Advanced Mediation Training with International Institute of Conflict Preventation & Resolution (CPR)

- Arbitration training with New York County Lawyers Association

- Certificate in Conflict Analysis (United States Institute of Peace)

- Certificate in Interfaith Dispute Resolution (United States Institue of Peace)

- I have written and contributed to Alternative Dispute Resolution trainings with the New York City Police Department (NYPD)

- Presented Law Enforcement Mediation and Conflict Resolution Skills at Law Schools

- Mediation and Negotiation training for private sector companies

- Conflict Resolution skills training for students


I write a blog titled Enjoy Mediation which is listed as a featured blog for and is listed at International Peace and Conflict as well as at International Mediation Institute (IMI). It is a global resource center for mediation and alternative dispute resolution news and tips.


I adhere to the code of professional conduct written by the following organizations:
New York Peace Institute
New York State Court Systems
New York County Lawyers Association

If you have an issue regarding a case I have mediated, please feel free to take one, or all of the following actions:
1) Contact me to discuss the issue.
2) If I am mediating under a Center, group or organization, feel free to contact them.
3) Contact IMI.

The organizations I mediate with have the appropriate insurance.

Jeff Thompson
NYPD- Strategic Communications
1 Police Plaza, Room 1403
New York
United States