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United States - AZ
Mediation Profile
Since the mid-1970s Jerome Allan Landau has served as a domestic and international attorney, Mediator and Arbitrator of business, commercial, transactional, civil, construction, real estate, family partnership and healthcare matters related to a variety of industries. He is a member of the American Arbitration Association's National Roster of Neutrals serving as a Mediator or Arbitrator, and serves as an adviser to AAA through its Phoenix Advisory Council. Other national mediation and arbitration panels to which he has been accepted include the Construction Arbitration Services, the National Center for Dispute Settlement, the Construction Dispute Resolution Services, the United States District Court (Arizona), the Superior Court (Maricopa County, Arizona). Mr. Landau is a Judge Pro Tem of the Superior Court (Maricopa County), an invited presenter at the United Nations and has trained dispute resolution professionals. BUSINESS: As Founder and Executive of 4 international businesses, a business adviser and Executive Coach and as a security consultant to domestic and international businesses and governments, Mr. Landau's experience includes, but is not limited to, business, corporate, complex transactional and commercial matters, contracts, franchises, leases, mergers & acquiisitions, international trade, government consultation, construction, real estate (development, acquisition and licensed brokerage); healthcare (former Chair of a medical foundation), intellectual properties and franchises. INTERNATIONAL: Clients in Europe, Middle and Far East, India and the Country of Bhutan. FULL BIO AT www.aaamediation.com
Mr. Landau began his mediation career in the mid-1970s and has mediated and facilitated the resolution of disputes in a variety of professional fields including commercial, business, healthcare, intellectual property, real esate, construction and shareholder disputes. Many disputes involved multi-million dollar claims. He has in excess of 400 hours of training in the fields of dispute resolution and facilitation; including training programs he has presented to dispute resolution professionals and at the United Nations.
Many different styles of mediation are taught under such titles as evaluative, transformative or facilitative. Although each style is lauded by its proponents, it is my belief that to limit onesself to a single style is to limit and constrain the boundaries of possibility in serving parties in conflict. Each style presents tools that a mediator can call upon in a given situation yet should not be restricted to using. Every mediation is different, as are the parties. Sometimes "silence" is appropriate, other times the parties are looking for skillful direction in a more "evaluative" approach; this will often occur in the same mediation. The mediator must develop a keen sensitivity to the specific situation at a given moment, recognize the tools which are most appropriate at that moment, and as importantly, be willing and able to go beyond these with intuition, skill, daring and wisdom.
Areas of experience and interest as a Mediator include: Business Ccrporate Commercial Contracts Complex transactions Mergers & acquiisitions Construction (legal and business) Real Estate (legal and brokerage) Healthcare & Medical Practices (legal and as former Chair of Medical Foundation) Family Partnership Franchises Licensing Shariah Law Trainer of ADR Professionals

$350.00 Per Hour. This hourly rate includes study time (document review and preparation). No fee if cancelled before travel; no charge for first 8 hours travel time (thereafter @ 50% hourly rate); minimum of 6 hours in U.S. outside of Arizona; minimum of 10 hours international. Special circumstances per agreement.

American Arbitration Association (Neutral Rosters - Commercial Mediation Panel, Commercial Arbitration Panel; Construction Panel; AAA Advisory Panel); American Bar Association (Dispute Resolution Section, Business Section, Construction Section); Arizona Bar Association (Dispute Resolution Section, Business Section, Construction Section, Family Law Section); Arizona Department of Real Estate (Licensee); New York Department of Real Estate (former Broker); Former New York licensed Private Investigator; National Association of Realtors (Graduate, Realtor Institute); Judge Pro Tem (Superior Court - Maricopa County); Association of Conflict Resolution (former Chair, Commercial Section; Leadership Council); Advanced Commercial Mediation Institute (Founder; Chair & Presenter - 4 Annual ACMI 2 Day International Educational Conferences); Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution (Co-Founding Director); Arizona Dispute Resolution Association (former Director; Ethics Chairman); Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators (former Chairman); Construction Disputes Resolution Services (Neutral Rosters - Mediation Panel, Arbitration Panel, Dispute Review Board Panel); Construction Arbitration Services (Neutral Roster); National Center for Dispute Settlement (Neutral Roster); Arizona School of Real Estate and Business (former Instructor - Mediation and Dispute Resolution); McGarey Medical Foundation (former Chair; Director); Ordained Interfaith Minister.

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Training and Education
Mr. Landau has participated in excess of 400 hours of education directly related to dispute resolution and transformation (e.g. Mediation, Facilitation and Arbitration) presented through such reputed institutions as Harvard Law School (the Harvard NegotiatIion Initiatives Institute), the American Arbitration Association, the International Academy of Mediators. the American Bar Association Dispute Resolutions Section, the Advanced Commercial Mediation Institute, the Arizona Dispute Resolution Association, the international Institute of Cultural Affairs and others. He has Chaired and Presented at four annual international Advanced Commercial Mediation Institute 2 day conferences; Presented programs at the Association for Conflict Resolution, at multiple Annual Conferences of the Arizona Dispute Resolution Association; has written on the subject and served on the Editorial Board of ACRresolutions, an international Journal for dispute resolution professionals. Mr. Landau holds a Juris Doctor Degree in law and has received in excess of six weeks intensive traiining as a financial investigator and hundreds of hours of education in the specific areas of specialized practice set forth above (e.g. real estate - 300+ hours.)
Mr. Landau is the co-founder, in collaboratoin with the American Arbitration Association and the Harvard Negotiation Initiative Institute, of the "Advanced Commercial Mediation Institute ("ACMI") which provides advanced programs for commercial mediators through its annual international conferences. He has taught mediation and facilitation skills to professionals in the field and to members of the business community. His programs have been presented in many venues including the United Nations, the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business and the Arizona Dispute Resolution Association. He has been the keynote speaker at the Arizona Dispute Resolutoin Association's Conference with the Executive Council of the American Bar Association's Dispute Resolution Section.
Mr. Landau had been on the Editorial Board of ACResolutions Magazine, an international publication for professionals in the fields of conflict resolution; and has written articles for ACResolutions. McGraw Hill - "Investigations Handbook" - Mr. Landau was the sole attorney invited to submit to this compendium.

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MedMarc Casualty Insurance Company; $500,000/$500,000 limits of liability.

Jerome Landau
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