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Karl Mackie

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Ana Virginia Bauder
Feedback digest by Ana Virginia Bauder, 15 Jun 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on 16 feedbacks in 25 mediations initially submitted in 2014. Dr Karl Mackie is a highly regarded senior commercial mediator based in the UK, with an internationally recognised ADR practice. “Able to mediate anything” and adept at helping the parties in “unravelling the game”, Dr Mackie’s client feedback reflects a man with a quiet authority and clear determination. Parties regularly praise his calm, relaxed approach and comment upon how this is surprisingly reflected by the parties to even the most contentious of disputes. He brings a natural ability to take the heat out of any situation, through excellent communication and a methodology which incorporates patience and pragmatism. However, it is also clear that he is not afraid to be forceful and direct when he needs to be, cutting through the positions to focus the parties on considering settlement offers in a constructive and sensible manner. Additionally, Dr Mackie is at ease relating to and working with clients from varying cultural backgrounds. He has worked with commercial clients from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America. Undoubtedly his background in business psychology has assisted in this respect and from the comments reviewed this is clearly supported by his natural ability. He manages to establish good rapport not only with legal parties but also with lay clients. Clients frequently mention his reputation as being one of the primary and encouraging factors in their choice of Dr Mackie as their mediator. These same clients are often surprised at the variety and depth of settlements which are made possible with his assistance. His thorough preparation, a seemingly natural ease with numbers, an inherent understanding of commercial businesses and the drivers faced within them, all allow him to facilitate negotiations and dialogue between parties which at the outset seemed impossible. His interventions seem to manage to leave both parties and businesses happy with the outcome achieved as a result of a hard negotiations day. Dr Mackie moderates negotiations focused on results and at the same time managing emotions and the expectations of all parties involved. Another key strength is Dr Mackie’s focus on the design and delivery of a process which is relevant to the dispute and to the parties in any given case, rather than the clinical application of a “standard” model. Examples given include his smooth, easy management of joint sessions, whether involving all attending the mediation or an appropriate sub-set. As well as being able to move the negotiations on and being fairly direct with people. Settlement in a number of these cases came about as a direct result of Dr Mackie convincing the principals to meet each other without lawyers, or indeed other advisers present, with him overseeing or facilitating the discussions. Parties too appreciate that he is “not shy of suggesting possibilities”. With his wealth of experience at the highest level, his excellent communication and interpersonal skills, Dr Mackie has a standing within the ADR field which is all his own. Able to balance easily between toughness and diplomacy, he relates well to clients of diverse backgrounds and cultures. No reportable negative comments arose in the feedback reviewed from the last 2 years.
Feedback digest last updated 22 April 2015.
by Ana Virginia Bauder, 7 Aug 2020