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Krishna Veerappen

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Mediation Profile

Project Management Consultant.
Currently Involved in implementing projects ( viz, container yard, warehousies,office buildings, shopping centres etc)for singapore companies in various cities in India- New Delhi,Mumbai,Chennai,Bangalore,Vizag and Cochin).Involved from planning,tender invitation,management to completion of projects
Currently Involved in the construction of schools,clubs and private housing in Singapore. 

Accredited Mediator (Singapore Mediation Centre. Singapore since 1997)
Master Mediator (Community Mediation Centre since 1998.)
Mediator of the Tribunal for the maintenance of Parents (Ministry of Community,Sports and Youth.

-Construction & Engineering Disputes.--- Identify the main area of disputes.If it is within local context and within my expertice or issues where I am very familiar,assist to evaluate the area of contention with each party in private caucus.Ficiltate and assist parties parties to agree to the main points and discuss setlement deatils with all involved parties.If necessary offer suggesstions to resolve their problem. Family Disputes.Facilitate parties to have frank discussion.Assist them to discuss their disputes and guide them to a solution.

A)I was head of a Government Dept.that regulate the building construction activities in Singapore for more than ten years.My entire career , spanning over 50 years was involved in numerous civil engineering projects such buildings,temples, community based buildings,highway and road networks in Singapore. I was the Registrar of Professional Engineers Board (Singapore) for about eight years. Very Fmiliar with: )Construction Cases.(civil & structural engineering cases) ii)Regulatory Matters connected with Building Industry. B)Was involved in Community Works for more than 32 years and familiar in settling family and community disputes.

Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Singapore (FES)
Registered Professional Engineer since 1974

i)Mr.Gopinath Pillai of Windmill Group of Companies in Singapore.

Training and Education

Was trained in Mediation by the Singapore Mediation Centre.
Attended numerous courses in various mediations issues conducted by the Singapore Mediation Centre.


IMI Code of Professional Conduct. SMC Code of Professional Conduct. Professional Engineers Board of Professional Conduct.

IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process


Krishna Veerappen
Project Management Consultant
38.Jalan Gumilang