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Manon Schonewille

Author | Founding partner Legal Mediation Firm Schonewille & Schonewille in The Netherlands | Executive partner Toolkit Company

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Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Norway, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, United States - CA, United States - NJ
German, English, Dutch
Mediation Profile

Founding partner in Legal Mediation firm Schonewille & Schonewille in Rotterdam and Amsterdam; executive partner in Dispute Resolution and Deal Making training & resource center TOOLKIT Company. Has taught business mediation and mediation advocacy at Utrecht University and several other universities around the world.

Before becoming a full time ADR professional, Manon worked in international marketing and business strategy in several countries for multi-national organizations including Nestlé and Schering. 

She completed the Negotiation and Advanced Negotiation courses as part of the Program of Instruction for Lawyers at Harvard Law School (USA). At the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) in San Diego (USA), she gained practical mediation experience in the USA and successfully completed the credentialing program. Besides this she is Schonewille & Schonewille certified Legal Business Mediator, ACB certified business mediator, Toolkit Accredited Trainer as well as an IMI Certified Mediation Advocate | Advisor.

Besides being an international business mediator, deal mediator and negotiation coach, she  trains professionals all over the world in the advanced use of mediation and negotiation techniques and mediation advocacy, Manon consults corporations, law firms and (non) governmental organizations in conflict management and setting up mediation programs. For example as Key ADR Expert in the European Commission sponsored project ‘Technical Assistance for Better Access to Justice’ in Turkey and in the Europe-wide civil justice project ‘Lawyers in ADR’, as well as in the World Bank Administration of Justice Program in Barbados. Most recently she delivered and supported the first official mediator training and training of trainers training in Greece with the Mediation Center of the Piraeus Bar Association and Chamber of Commerce.

Manon is a frequently asked speaker and the author of several publications among others the handbook on mediation and negotiation techniques TOOLKIT GENERATING OUTCOMES and Toolkit Mediation Advocacy .

Practicing since 1996. Specialized in commercial, B2B and cross border mediations. She has conducted, coached, supported, advised and represented clients in mediations and negotiations in Dutch, English and German. Clients include multinational companies, law firms, consulting companies and commercial parties from a variety of countries.

Mixed-style legal business mediator. Manon Schonewille uses an outcome-focused and varied style of mediation that is adapted to the parties needs particularly in cultural disputes. Manon supports the parties and their legal counsel to prepare for the mediation and to design the process steps before the mediation starts. During the mediation she clearly manages the process aspects and uses a varied approach regarding the substantive issues depending on the topic, dispute and needs of the parties involved. She has superior communication skills and quickly establishes a trust-based working relationship with the participants. She uses her creative mediation style to guide parties to find new solutions and reach a sustainable outcome.
Parties often comment that she is quickly builds rapport and is flexible. Discovering mutualities, developing creative solutions and finding ways to expand the pie are emphasised. Besides this, the implementation stage and 'workability' of the mediation outcome is given attention.

A demonstration of Manon Schonewille in action as mediator in an international case can be watched through this link:

Manon Schonewille is a commercial mediator and negotiation expert with Schonewille & Schonewille Legal Mediation in The Netherlands, where she specialises in B2B, cross-border mediation, negotiation, deal facilitation and mediation advocacy.

Depending on the complexity of the case like the amount of parties involved and financial value, hourly fees range from € 210 - € 380 (ex VAT). Daily or full package rates available on request.

ACB Certfied Legal Business Mediator
Partner in Schonewille & Schonewille Legal Mediation
Past Co-Chair of the International Committee of the Dispute Resolution Section of the ABA (American Bar Association) with Jeremy Lack
Member of IMI's Independent Standards Committee (ISC)
Chair of IMI's Mediation Advocacy CertificationTask Force
Utrecht University (Business mediation, mediation advocacy and conflict management)
Pepperdine University, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution (Mediating the Litigated Case, mediator bootcamp)
Vlerick Business School (negotiation)

Schonewille & Schonewille Legal Mediation: Dr. Fred Schonewille – [email protected]
IMI reviewer Harvard fellow: Dr. Paola Cecchi Dimeglio - see IMI review - [email protected]
Client references and attestations on request

Training and Education

Harvard Negotiation and Advanced Negotiation (PIL, Program of Instruction for Lawyers)
SDMC (now National Conflict Resolution Center) credentialed mediator
ACB Credentialed and ACB Accredited Mediator, ACB Legal Business Mediator
TOOLKIT certified mediator and trainer
IFC Austria

Pepperdine University Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution
Utrecht University
Vlerick Business School
ACB Foundation
Toolkit Company
Schonewille & Schonewille
European Commission sponsored projects
Worldbank and inter-American bank sponsored projects


The variegated landscape of mediation. Mediation practices and regulation in Europe and the World
Toolkit Generating Outcomes, mediation, negotiation (
Pocket Toolkits (downloadable from under resources)
Toolkit Mediation Advocacy
Toolkit Mediation voor de Manager, Mediator en onderhandelaar
Several articles and contributions to handbooks and teaching manuals
TOOLKIT Educational Board Game


ACB Mediation Rules and ACB Code of Conduct
IMI Code of Conduct
MfN Code of Conduct

ACB foundation and STM (Stichting Tuchtrechtspraak Mediators).

SAA Verzekeringen B.V.

Manon Schonewille
+31 10 - 760 71 10
+31 6 54 336 192
Founding Partner
Schonewille & Schonewille
Hofplein 20
Zuid Holland
3032 AC