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Margaret Halsmith

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Christopher Stevenson
Feedback digest by Christopher Stevenson, 13 Aug 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on feedback from 10+ mediations, originally submitted in April 2009. This feedback digest was most recently updated in October 2014. This feedback digest reads much like the previous ones since April 2009, and continues to demonstrate consistent best practice. Ms Halsmith continues to be rated at a high performance level by participants for whom she has acted as a mediator. Again, all who responded would recommend Ms Halsmith as a mediator, and would be confident to engage her again themselves. Costs continued to be reported as typical of professionals charging on an hourly rate and overall a very high degree of satisfaction was reported. Ms Halsmith was described as among the top mediators, particularly for high conflict circumstances. Participants commented on Ms Halsmith’s supportive perseverance and their optimism regarding being able to maintain ongoing relationships following mediations. A number of commercial mediation participants also commented on the significance to the business of the outcome of mediation conducted by Ms Halsmith, for example, ‘We were holding our breath until the speeches were over. It all went exactly as agreed. You have made a huge contribution to this business.’ Ms Halsmith continued to be described as organised and professional and as having treated all participants independently and objectively from start to finish, including when meeting with parties separately prior to and during mediations. Ms Halsmith's ability to prepare participants to maximise the likelihood of an agreement being reached was noted the feedback. Also noted, again, was Ms Halsmith's sensitivity to parties' fragility and her careful design of mediations, including use of time, to maximise participants' opportunities for reaching and sustaining practical outcomes. One participant summarised outcomes from mediation: ‘I thought I’d let you know that my life has turned a corner. Business is thriving and so am I.’ Ms Halsmith's skills in the mediation process were referred to by a number of participants. ‘Margaret you set up our mediation so that it had a true ‘round table’ feel to it.’ Her ‘perseverance and forbearance’ and her consistent, even handed approach was reported as assisting considerably to address sensitive issues. Ms Halsmith's ability to ensure that each participant had time to express their views and feelings while focusing the mediation on the agreed agenda was noted. A high proportion of Ms Halsmith's mediations resulted in a resolution. Again, she was especially congratulated for her listening skills, patience and empathy and ability to analyse the situation at hand. Her capacity to maintain neutrality, due to her experience and understanding of interpersonal dynamics, in situations where parties were prone to concerns about coalitions, was appreciated. Ms Halsmith’s encouragement of participants who are accompanied to their mediation by professional and personal trusted advisors was noted in some feedback. Other feedback referred to participants feeling sufficiently comfortable with Ms Halsmith that they did not feel the need for a trusted advisor. Also noted again as being accessible, comfortable and calming, were Ms Halsmith's mediation rooms. No reportable negative comments have arisen.
This feedback digest was last updated 21 October 2014.
by Christopher Stevenson, 13 Aug 2020