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Martin Brink

Very experienced mediator, specialised in mediating disputes within and between organsiations. 40 years of experience in international conflict management.

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English, French, Dutch
Mediation Profile

Experienced mediation advocate, both on a national and international level Ph D in corporate law , Former Chairman of the Association on Corporate Mediation in the Netherlands, Author of the book (Business) Mediation and Subject Matter Expertise (in the Dutch language), Certified mediator Dutch Mediation Institute, IMI and CEDR Global Panel Member, Foundation for the Solution of Conflicts in the Automation Industry (SGOA), past Member of the IBA Working Party designing the IBA Investor State Mediation Rules, Member of the Dutch Arbitration Centre ("NAI"), Former Substitute Magistrate in the The Hague Court of Appeals. Editor in Chief of the Corporate Mediation Journal.

Acted as advocate in many cases both in and outside the shadow of the law. Experience in the combination of both a mediator and an advocate since the year 2000.

Able to switch styles of negotiation and advocating as circumstances require. Regular speaker and trainer in the field of mediation and negotiation.

Corporate Law, Financial Law , Government to community issues, Co-determination Law.

Negotiable; as a rule euro 350 per hour plus VAT. Expenses (travel or other).

Dutch Bar Association, Dutch mediation Institute, IMI, Dutch Arbitration Institute.

Mrs. Madeleine M.A. Spliet, former Co-Head Project Coordinator of the Court annexed Mediation Project in the Netherlands (District Court of Utrecht). e-mail: [email protected]
A. Bockhorst, medical director BIS Foundation. Tel: +31 71 5795840 / email: [email protected] B. Haase, Nederlandse Transplantatie Stichting, Tel.: +31 71 5795777 / email: [email protected]
R. Elzinga, Nederlandse Transplantatie Stichting, Tel. +31 71 5795777 C. Pollack, Partner SJ Berwin LLP, tel. +44 207 111 2275 / email: [email protected]
D. Yeruham, Perevo Inv. Ltd., tel. +972 52 552 6813 / email: [email protected] J.H. Boerman, CEO MGL, tel.+31 46 411639 /email: [email protected]
R. Cox,Chairman Works Council MGL, tel. +31 46 4116459 / email: [email protected]
B. Feuerbacher, Vorstand Trost Auto Service Technik SE, tel. +49 711 4013 250 / email: [email protected]
Mr. R.J. Sturkenboom, attorney, tel. +31 30 6013510 / email: [email protected]
H. Braak, attorney, tel. +31 318 584999 / email: [email protected] M. van Dijk, Stichting Openbare Bibliotheek Veenendaal, tel. +31 318 - 582643 / email: [email protected]
L. Lieferink, Manager, tel. +31 6 39 850685 / email: [email protected] E. Ammerlaan, Manager F&O / DGA, Ensior B.V., tel. +31 6 51 929208 / email: [email protected]
S. Honig, Commercial Manager Ensior B.V., tel. +31 6 51 759730 / email: [email protected]
L.P. Kruidenier, Wijn & Stael Advocaten, tel. +31 30 2320887 / email: [email protected]

Training and Education

According to the standards of the Dutch Mediation Institute, Martin Brink will ascertain to refresh his knowledge of mediation by attending workshops, training sessions and other educational events. He also continues to self educate himself by studying social psychology, literature on negotiation and reading philosophy. According to the international standards of mediation, Martin Brink succeeded in Continuing Professional Education in 2012 (ICC International Mediation Certificate). Martin Brink was certified by the Center for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in London in 2012.

Author, trainer, speaker in the field of mediation and negotiation and over 30 years of experience as a practising attorney.


Regular contributions on mediation and negotiation in the Corporate Mediation Journal ("CMJ"). E.g.:

  • Corporate mediation: a proposition? (CMJ December 2016, no. 1);
  • Do Not Even Let Your CEO Read This! (CMJ June, 2017, no.1);
  • The Negotiation Element in Mediation, The Impact of Anchoring (CMJ Decemebr 2017, no. 2);
  • The Negotiation Eleent in Mediation, The Art of Concessions (CMJ 2018, no. 1);
  • A Definition of Mediation (CMJ 2018, no. 2).
  •  Corporate Mediation in The Netherlands (European Company Law, Wolters Kluwer, Volume 14, Issue 2, April 2017).

IMI, Dutch Bar Association.

Dutch Bar Association. Dutch Medition Federation.

Full coverage for professional indemnity.

Martin Brink
+31 30 259 5959
+31 6 55 844 422
+31 30 259 5505
Van Benthem & Keulen NV
Archimedeslaan 61