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Nevin Can

Certified Mediator
Registered by the Turkish Ministery of Justice Department of Mediation 2015. In 2016 she founded the Mediterranean Dispute Resolution Center in Turkey.

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Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Switzerland, Turkey, Turkmenistan
German, English, Turkish
Mediation Profile

Nevin Can was Born on 1968 in Erzincan -Turkey

After graduated from Berlin-Gesundbrunnen Grundschule (elementary school), Berlin-Lessing Gymnasium (high school), and Faculty of Law-Marmara University she is registered by the İzmir Bar Association since 1990. She has extensive consultancy and litigation in Civil Law, National and International Commercial Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, and Trademark Law, Real Estate Law, Contract Negotiation,Code of Execution, Labor Law and Insurance Law.

Because of spending her youth and taking education in Germany, she can perfectly speak German and still has signs in Germany.

In 2015 she got registered as certified Mediator by the Turkish Ministry of Justice the Department of Mediation and works with the Izmir Bar Association Mediation Commission together. She is one of the first certified mediators in Turkey. She is one of the founders of Mediterranean Dispute Resolution Center. (Akdeniz Uyuşmazlık Çözüm Merkezi ) based in İzmir- Turkey. After membering of İzarader (İzmir Association of Mediators) , she founded the International Mediation Society and works as the general secretary.

Certified Mediator Nevin Can has a lot of practices and educational studies about mediation:

..Presented as an instructor on behalf of the Ministry of Justice Mediation Department at the "Workshop on Mediation in Legal Disputes" on 03.12.2016 -Erzurum

..Trainer of the Izarader training commission for candidates who participated at the mediation practice examination of the Ministry of Justice Mediation Department on 26.11.2016.

..Trainer of Mediterranean Dispute Resolution Center in Marmaris for the mediators examination on 07.01.2017

..Presentations in Izmir Chamber of Commerce, in Torbalı Chamber of Commerce, in German Turkish Chamber of Commerce in İstanbul and İzmir  and in several private firms .

..Trainer at the University of Dokuz Eylül and University of İstanbul Ticaret (2018-2019)

She is well educated attended in mediation, communication, negotiation and psychology:

.. 96-hours psychology lessons from Psychologist Gülgün Sharafat in 2009-2010

..60-hours "Negotiation Techniques and Mediation" training at University of Yaşar

..Advanced mediation training from Global Mediators Network and training international accreditation in 2016

..Supervision for Trainer & Qualified from Global Mediators Network Certified Mediation Trainer Global Mediation Network Supervision work out in 2016

..Mediators Beyond Borders International Jakarta Metropolitan Rotary Club´s base diplomacy and mediation training in 2016 at Jakarta-Indonesia

..International Diplomacy School prepared by the International Diplomats Association, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Girne American University in 2016-2017 (Cyprus, New York and Istanbul)

National and international symposium seminars and congresses which she took a part:

..Global Law Programs Directorate Mediation Seminar in 2008 at University of Bahçeşehir

..Co-organized by the Ankara Bar Association and the UIA International Association Lawyer, International Mediation Symposium on "Mediation ADR How To Change The Lawyer´s Mindset" on 8-9th May 2015

..IMI events with Irena Venenkova on 13th April 2016

..Istanbul International Mediation Symposium organized by Ministry of Justice and TOBB on 29-30th April 2016

..Ministry of Justice and the British Embassy in cooperation with "Project for Reinforcement of Alternative Dispute Mechanisms for Justice Access" workshop on 29th September 2016

..Congress of Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Social Reconciliation congress by ACDER & DEÜ in 4-5th November 2016

Nevin Can is knowledgeable of different mediation styles such as Facilitative, Transformative and Evaluative and uses them as needed in the mediation. She mainly uses a facilitative approach to guide the parties into communication and collaboration. She works diligently to get the parties to design their own agreement but when necessary she is also willing to craft and offer a possible resolution. She has a very common sense approach to mediation.

The international accredited mediator Nevin Can specialized on all types of,





and other areas of disputes   

Mediation: €250.00 per hour + tax

Partner of:

.. Mediterranean Dispute Resolution Center (Akdeniz Uyuşmazlık Çözüm Merkezi)


Chair of :

.. Peace Committee of Rotary ınternational District 2440

.. Inter Country Committee Germany-Turkey of Rotary Turkey


Member of:

.. Rotary International District 2440

.. Mediators Beyond Borders International

.. German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce

.. İtalian-Turkish Chamber of Commerce

.. İZARADER, İzmir Mediators Sociaty

.. UADERN, International Mediators Sociaty, İzmir

Elena Koltsaki, Greek Mediation İnstitute
Deniz Kite, Global Medaitors and Negotiation
Prabha Sankaranarayan, Mediators Beyond Borders International

Training and Education

University of Yaşar, İzmir

Global Mediators and Negotiators (GMN), Deniz Kite, İstanbul

Mediators Beyond Borders International, Women in Mediation, Jakarta

University of Dokuz Eylül, Mediation in Labor Law, İzmir

Since 2017 Nevin Can trained more than 500 mediator candidates, mostly attorneys, all over in Turkey.

Specially judges and public prosecutors, who want to be a mediator after getting retired, want to take her lessons and workshops to be ready for the mediation view.

She already works with University of İstanbul Ticaret and Dokuz Eylül together, to touch more mediation passioners.


Responsibility of a Mediator,


IMI Code of Professional Conduct
Turkish MoJ, Mediator's Ethics Rules

IMI Code of Professional Conduct Assessment Process
Turkish MoJ, Mediator's Ethics Rules Process

0090 505 702 6445
0090 232 464 6711
Mediator - Founding Partner-Attorney at Law-Trainer
Mediterranean Dispute Resolition Center
Mansuroğlu Mah. 295/2 Sok. No: 1
Egesun Plaza A Blok K: 4 D: 435
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