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Pascal Comvalius

Mediator, Erickson Mediation Institute, board member at the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM), QAP manager, USA.

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Netherlands, United States - MN
English, Dutch
Mediation Profile

PASCAL COMVALIUS is an IMI-Certified Mediator, a MFN Registered mediator and a Certified Hostage /Crisis Negotiator. He followed mediation trainings in the USA and Holland, completed an internship at Erickson Mediation Minneapolis, USA and received the hostage negotiation training from Mark Lowther and Jack Cambria PATC, USA. Mister Comvalius also completed the level I-IV training in “Kinesic Interviewing and Interrogation” in the USA under the guidance of Stan Walters. He obtained a Masters Degree in “Communication, Behavior and Credibility analysis” at the Manchester Metropolitan University under the supervision of Dawn Archer. Pascal practices and teaches mediation and negotiation in the USA, Europe and Asia. Mister Pascal taught a special 40-hour family mediation course at the Supreme Court of Singapore as well.  He is specialized in family/divorce and criminal law mediation. Sharing his knowledge and skills with students is important to him. He is the former vice-president of the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) in the USA, is co-chair of the IMI appraisal committee and a member of the ISC Executive Committee of IMI

Pascal has mediated over 200 cases since 2008, in the areas of commercial, workplace and family and criminal law disputes. About 40 of these were co-mediations.

Client Centered Mediation. This is a style where we let our clients make decisions about their own future. It empowers them to make decisions on their own. It leads to understanding of the needs of both parties and encourages communication between the two. The mediator helps to guide the parties through the whole mediation process.

Family, Divorce, Community, Business, Criminal Law / Restorative Justice

Varying , depending on the complexity of the dispute. Travel fees are excluded. The fee will be equally divided between parties.

Vice - President of the Academy of Family Mediators 
Committee Chair of the Communications Group at APFM
Committee Chair of the International Group at APFM
Co-Chair of the 2014 San Diego Conference Committee

Training and Education

MTI basic mediation training 
MTI workplace mediation training
MTI Mediation and the Enneagram
Erickson Mediation Institute Family & Divorce Training
Erickson Mediation Institute Domestic Violence and Abuse Training
Erickson Mediation Institute Internship 
Stan Walters: Kinesic Interview & Interrogation Level 1 - 4

Giving workshops about mediation at schools on a voluntary basis. Also presented workshops at the APFM Conference 2013 (How to spot deceptive behavior in mediation and respond to it in mediation) and ACR Family Conference 2011 (The differences and similarities in mediation between Holland and the USA).


Mister Comvalius has published a couple of articles in the newsletter of APFM


IMI Code of Professional Conduct. Erickson Mediation Institute Code of Conduct. MFN Code of Conduct

APFM Standards of practice for professional family mediators
IMI Profesional Conduct Assesment Process
MFN Mediation Rules and Code of COnduct

Each complaint should be addressed to Erickson Mediation Institue first where we try to solve the complaint. If this is insufficient, a mediator should be appointed to solve the issue.

NMV Netherlands

Pascal Comvalius
+1 952 835-3688
+31 6 10 579747
3600 American Blvd West suite 105
United States