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Peter Vinden

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Alison Miller Varey
Feedback digest by Alison Miller Varey, 7 Sep 2018 I have reviewed a representative sample of feedback given across 59 mediations conducted by Peter between 2011 and 2014. This digest arises out of that review and follows my earlier review of 2011. Peter is someone who consistently achieves the highest feedback ratings (never less than 8/10 and in the majority of cases 10/10) for overall satisfaction, and for rapport- building. A very typical comment is "without Peter's help it is very unlikely that the settlement would have been achieved". Peter's communication and analytical skills receive extremely high praise. It is said that he "identifies the issues quickly" and is "inquisitorial but in a pleasant way". A number of his very highest scorers describe him as "no nonsense". He also garners praise repeatedly for "not getting bogged down with the detail" and "being persuasive". As in my earlier review, I found strong support for his ability to distill strengths and weaknesses, giving the right information to the parties for them to decide. Peter's experience in the construction sector is frequently referred to by his mediation clients. Adjectives such as practical, pragmatic, sensible and commercial are the chief words by which his clients (both in construction and other disputes) describe him. Having done two substantive reviews for Peter, encapsulating the last 6 years of his mediation practice, it is clear that he is a consistently high performer who delivers time after time. What emerges starkly is a well-liked, user-friendly mediator who commands confidence through his personal commitment and style. Alison Miller-Varey Civil and Commercial Mediator
This feedback digest was last updated 9 December 2014.
by Alison Miller Varey, 14 Aug 2020