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Prathamesh D Popat

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Jeremy Lack
Feedback digest by Jeremy Lack, 17 Jul 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on 4 feedbacks submitted in July 2009 regarding 2 mediations (one of which was a co-mediation) going back to October 2008. Mr. Popat was given a universal score of 5.0 on his performance and the level of satisfaction he gave to all parties who responded to the questionnaire. All of the respondents would recommend Mr. Popat again as a mediator. Two of the respondents had no prior experience of mediation. One of the respondents, who is a service provider and worked with Mr. Popat as a co-mediator, described him as one of the “the top mediators in India”. Cost ratings were also very satisfactory (level 5, when a ranking was given). Reasons given for recommending Mr. Popat as a prospective mediator to others were his “sensitivity”, “humility”, “Indian culture”, “sobriety”, “equanimity”, “good humor”, and “a rather minimalist approach, keeping the mediative process on track while keeping the divided parties responsible for resolving the actual content of the mediation.” One experienced co-mediator stated: “He combines an extensive knowledge of mediation principles and practices with fine execution. I am a mediator myself so I feel I know what to look for in a mediator. I regularly consult with Prathamesh and suggest his services to others … He follows the mediation process with a natural ability to build rapport, help people move from positions to interests, consider their WATNA, and move towards agreement.” The user feedback forms indicated that Mr. Popat was particularly skilled at helping the parties in re-assessing their cases and their perceptions: As one party stated: “Prathamesh, by his very nature, seemed to bring out the reasonable side of those involved. I found myself and other participants wanting to put forward our conflicting views and concerns in such a way that they would seem reasonable to him, as though he were judging the case, even though it was always clear he was not. In a dispute with strong emotional content, a demeanor that made the participants want to look for reasonability contributed strongly to our being able to amicably resolve a matter that had seemed headed from bad to worse, and to resolve it swiftly.” Feedback from other parties confirmed this by stating that the mediation “allowed me to step back and look at the other perspective(s)” and that Mr. Popat “was able to bring a high degree of impartiality to outlining the issues for the parties” and was able to demonstrate an “understanding of each party’s needs”. Additional skills described were: “listening with empathy, reframing, summarizing, being fully ‘present’, being patient, being neutral, sticking to the process but not in a dogmatic way, and more.” No negative comments arose in any of the feedback forms that were received.

This feedback digest was last updated 16 February 2010.
by Jeremy Lack, 13 Aug 2020