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Ruud Van Herpen

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Mediation Profile

Currently, mediator and lawyer. Director and owner of MRkwadraat B.V. 

Work History
Fifteen years, of which ten years in international setting, of work history as an attorney, private practice, and business lawyer, for international, a.o. insurance, companies. Besides, from 2000 - present certified mediator in the Netherlands and lawyer privately owned company.

Mediated in more than 250 disputes involving a wide range of commercial, employment, government, construction and professional liability issues

More than 250 mediations involving two or more parties, the following representative claims:

Community disputes: several disputes between victims and offenders (of which much in detention centres) 

Insurance: disputes between insurer and insured in liability insurances, construction all risks insurances and life insurances ranging from € 10.000 to € 50 million

Commercial: claims between shareholders of closely held corporations over operating agreement 

Employment: disputes between businesses and employees in nearly every type of business (private, government and non profit)

It is my belief that one style is not sufficient for something as complex as a mediation procedure. Both the mediator as all the involved parties must have an open mind to begin with. This also applies to which style is being used. Mediation is an experience based practice. I have been an attorney, an arbitrator, a negotiator and mediator for a very long period and I have seen a lot of different parties at my table. All parties experience hugh difficulties with the issue at hand and they all want it to end. That's where it starts. Therefore a mediator should have lived through the process, the people and him or her self lots of times. In this the mediator will use different mediation styles and finally make his or her own style. If parties are encouraged to solve their problems, value your presence and finally come to a satisfying solution (whether or not the case is solved) the style is not an issue. It has been an appropriate and learning process for all. Doing so I have been able to bring back the time involved in a mediaton to an average of 7,5 hours. Especially court annexed government issues are mostly solved within three hours.
Agriculture: disputes between farmers and cooperative or certifying organisations Commercial: contracts, partnerhips, banking, franchise, bankruptcy, leases Community disputes: family property, neighbors Construction: commercial, residential, municipal involving claims and counterclaims by owner, general and subcontractors, engineers, architects and bonding companies Employment: discrimination, wrongful termination, failure to promote, non-compete Government: licenses, ownership, taxes Insurance disputes: insuring parties, claims Professional liability: negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, negligent supervision, malpractice, fraud Real estate: land use, ownership, real estate sales, environmental

€ 175,- excl. VAT. Travel time at reduced rate. One week's cancellation notice to avoid fee for time reserved

Member and co-founder of the Dutch Mediators Association
Certified mediator Netherlands Mediation Institute (NMI)
Accredited mediator for Court Annexed Mediation

Mr.Ruud van Herpen is since the beginning of 2002 part of the mediation circle of the Centrum voor de Mediation Praktijk (CMP groep BV). The CMP groep BV is statuted in the city of Arnhem and preferred supplier for nationwide Arbo Services Companies like Maetis Arbo and ArboDuo.

In the years Ruud has been working for us we have come to appreciate him as a professional mediator. He is very adept in helping to solve business conflicts in his role as mediator. Ruud is certified since 2003 and has done more than 70 cases for our company.

We have come to know him as a friendly and open person very much interested in the theories concerning preventing and solving conflicts. As a mediator he is a keen listener with a businesslike approach. This approach consists of firstly caucussing with the conflict parties to give them the possibility to decide why and how they want to act in the mediationproces. This approach is based on his and our extensive experience in the field of labor-related conflicts and has proven to be very successful. As can be conceived from the high percentage of completed mediations Ruud positively helps parties to reach an agreement. He is keen on finding the right questions that help people to solve their problems.

Ruud is also very careful as far as it concerns the closing of the deal. He is very keen on positive summarizing of the mediation sessions and on the final chapters of the mediation agreement.
Ruud is – not strange considering his background as a judicial expert – clear on matters concerning the formal part of mediation.

As founder and director of the Centrum voor de Mediation Praktijk BV I highly appreciate Ruud as a mediator. It is the one and only reason why our working relationship has extended over a span of more than eight years.

Yours sincerely

Drs. Michael Stamatiou
Director of the Centrum for the Mediation Praktijk BV

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Van Herpen
Ruud van Herpen
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Director and Owner
MRkwadraat B.V.
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