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Anne Toos Bik
Feedback digest by Anne Toos Bik, July 11, 2018 This Digest regards Mr Ruud van Herpen([email protected]) van MR²Kwadraat B.V. in the Netherlands and is prepared by Toos Bik in the Netherlands ([email protected]). Toos is a colleague mediator and a colleague complaint functionary for the NMI. This Feedback Digest is based on 22 feedback forms out of 10 mediations (business and employment cases, court connected as well as out of court mediations). At random extracted from the many mediations mr van Herpen has performed in the last three years. Five of the mediations under review here were referred to mr van Herpen by the judiciary. The feedback was provided by parties and their lawyers. On the performance level, measured by a scale from 1 to 5, on aspects as impartiality, meticulousness and conscientiousness, mr van Herpen has by almost everyone been rated at performance level 5 (excellent), with an exception by some of the people at level 4(above average), by parties for whom he has conducted a mediation. In general a very high degree of satisfaction on several aspects of van Herpens mediations was reported. Special remarks have been made upon the effectiveness of his approach, the quick and peaceful solution that had been reached, to be taken serious and treated on respectful manner. One of the parties proclaimed that “the main contribution of mr van Herpen was: clear goals (based on personal interview up front), creating an open atmosphere (trust) and well managing the negotiation process”. Costs were considered as reasonable. No negative comments whatsoever have been made. Van Herpens skills in the mediation process were appreciated as a key strength, he is known to work efficiently and aims at progress and result. A very high proportion (84% of the court connected mediations for instance) of mr van Herpens mediations result in a resolution and a written agreement. Appreciation of mr van Herpens approach as a mediator can also be distilled from the answers on the question if people would choose mediation again. All of the people involved in this review, mentioned they would opt for mediation again if they would be in similar circumstances. This last feedback digest was last updated 28 April 2010.
by Anne Toos Bik, May 20, 2019