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Thierry Garby

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Claude Amar
Feedback digest by Claude Amar, 15 Jun 2018 This Feedback Digest has been updated to include 5 Feedbacks since September 15th, 2008. For mediations he performed, lawyers have consistently rated Mr. Garby at Performance Level 4 and 5. All of them would recommend Mr. Garby as a mediator, a fact born out by the number of parties willing to use him again and to provide a reference to parties considering the engagement of Mr. Garby as a mediator in the future. Costs were widely reported as reasonable in the context of the value of the disputes mediated by Mr. Garby and one should note that an institution appointed him for most of these mediations, which means that he has no control of the costs. A very high degree of satisfaction was reported. The technical skills of Mr. Garby are various. He seems to be appreciated not only because of his technical skills but also for his stubbornness and creativity. The parties stressed that he is a good listener and has the ability to understand all points of view. He is experienced, efficient and remains absolutely neutral. This enables him to make the parties understand each other and reach a common ground. One lawyer, in a conversation, pointed out that Mr. Garby has invaluable skill to resolve deadlocks by allowing the parties to become aware of their interests. Mr. Garby is mindful and thorough thus helping the parties to look for their own solution. He is also said to have rare human qualities. The parties are eager to say that the mediation was useful and that he enabled them to understand the situation and have a clearer view. No reportable negative comments have arisen.

This feedback digest was last updated 24 May 2009.
by Claude Amar, 7 Aug 2020