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Tina Monberg

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Mediation Profile

My background as a qualified solicitor, psychotherapist and corporate lawyer has given me a unique insight into the potential for mediation. After graduating in mediation from Harvard Law School, I became a coach and trainer for mediators. My three mediation books which contain strategies for conflict resolution are a result of my experiences and the techniques I have developed.

I do not believe that individuals themselves turn problems into conflicts. Rather, it is the social conventions and behavioural frameworks we operate in, which escalate problems to undesirable conflict levels.

By understanding and adapting these frameworks, it is possible to bring people together to cooperate and eliminate the fear which lies at the centre of all conflicts.

My methodology in mediation is to help individuals understand the need to adapt their behaviour in the conflict situation. This creates an environment where energies can be re-channelled positively into a healthy working relationship.

For the last thirteen years I have worked with mediation inside and between companies. This has given me a wide knowledge of the essence of business conflicts and 
know-how to overcome the obstacles to reach a solution that serves both parties' needs.
I have implemented conflict management systems in substantial organizations in the construction and pharmaceutical fields in order to use mediation as a conflict prevention tool. 
I have specialized in preventing, handling, and solving business conflicts in an interest-based way, so that from a conflict, no one comes out as a loser. I have worked together with The Danish Bar Association to help implement mediation into Denmark. I am the author of the books "Two Winners - Mediation as Positive Conflict Resolution" and "Handbook of Human Conflict Technology" and has co-written several management books.

For me a mediation is both about achieving the best results for both parties but also transforming the parties' relationship in order to sustain a positive reputation in an infinite world where often the same parties' paths will be likely to closs again under new circumstances. Therefore in my mediations the parties will be working together with the faciliative skills of the mediator, as it is the parties that have the ultimate knowledge and skills to find the best solution. Separate meetings or caucus will be used when and if necessary. I also use dealmediation techniques, when appropriate, in order to facilitate the best outcome.
I have since year 2000 mediated in over 300 different business cases. This experience covers both in-house disputes and those between business parties and I have also coached both staff and management in the field. I have designed and implemented conflict management programs in companies such NCC Construction and LEO Pharma.

The Danish Bar Association - Member
The Association of Lawyers Mediators - Founding Member
Mediators Beyond Borders - Founding Member
Mediationcenter Denmark - Founder and Principal

Lundbeck A/S, Manager Teddy Hebo-Larsen
NCC, HR Manager Jens Tofft
LEO Pharma, HR Manager Marianne Viskum Olesen

Training and Education

2000 ”Workshop in mediation”, Harvard Law School, Professor Frank Sander, attorney Michael Lewis and attorney Linda Singer 

2001 “Workshop in Negotiation”, Harvard Law School, professor Robert H. Mnookin

2003 Workshop and training with psychologist and PhD. Marshall Rosenberg, ”Non-Violent Communication”

2003 Workshop, Aalborg University, Professor Leonard Hawes, University of Utah, Professor Vibeke Vindeløv, Copenhagen University, Professor Joseph Folger, Temple University, Philadelphia

2003 Workshop, Professor Stephen Goldberg, North-Western University, Chicago, ”The Lawyers' Role in Mediation”

2005 Four years education as a psychotherapist, Psychotherapeutic Institute, Copenhagen

2008 One week International Business Mediation Training - Approved by the Austrian Ministry of Justice

I have since year 2000 held workshops, lectures and seminars in mediation for private companies and public associations. In total, I have been taught approx. 3.000 people in Denmark in mediation. I am a teacher at the South Danish University education for Heads of Departments.

mediationcenter a/s - mediationtraining for business leaders
For the last six years I have led a number of 40-hour workshops in mediation, where I have educated approx. 500 business people as mediators.


June 2002 Author to the book ”Two Winners – mediation as positive conflict resolution”, Børsens Forlag – www.borsensforlag.dk.
Sept. 2002 ”Create the flexible company with two winners conflict resolution” Network Copenhagen.
January 2004 ”It is not an either/or choice”, Alternatives (CPR)
February 2004 “The Future Law Company”, The Danish Law and Bar Association Magazine, Advokaten
June 2004 ”How can I, as a HR manager intervene in a conflict without coming with the solution and act as a judge?” Human Consult
August 2004 ”Why use power and rights, when a conflict can be solved by using interest?” Thompson 
June 2005 Author to the book ”The Toolbox of Conflicts”. Børsens Forlag
July 2005 ”When the Culture will not merge” Børsen
August 2006 Author to the book “Handling of Conflicts”. Børsens Forlag
December 2007 "A FAIR future", Future Orientation, 6/2007
December 2007 Author to the book “Handbook of Human Conflict Technology”. Paragon 
Publishing. See www.handbook-of-human-conflict-technology.com
August 2009 Co-author to the book "Common Ground", Arnold Busk, 
January 2010 Author to the booklet "The Summary" – The Butterfly Effect – an interest- 
based organisational design - – see www.butterflyeffect.dk
January 2011 Co-author to the book “The lawyer´s role as representing a party -
- Mediation as an option”, DJØF
March 2012 Co-publishing of article in British Red Cross magazine for Organisational Learning “The Butterfly Effect – Organisational Transformation” 
November 2012 Contributor to the book “EU Mediation Law and Practice”, Oxford University 


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Tina Monberg
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