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Walter Wright

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United States - TX
English, Spanish
Mediation Profile

Walter A. Wright has been an attorney since 1977 and a mediator since 1986. As an attorney, he has practiced in the areas of domestic and international commercial transactions, commercial litigation, real estate, and business organizations. As a mediator, he practices in the areas of employment, commercial, family, and community disputes. He is a contract mediator for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (employment-discrimination charges) and the Key Bridge Foundation (disability-discrimination charges). While English is his native language, he is fluent in written and spoken Spanish, and he often mediates disputes where the parties speak Spanish.

Walter has a strong record of service to the ADR profession. He is former president of the Texas Association of Mediators and the Association of Attorney-Mediators. For six years, he was Chair of the Newsletter Editorial Board of Alternative Resolutions, the newsletter of the ADR Section of the State Bar of Texas. He has received several awards for service, including the Steve Brutsché Award from the Association of Attorney-Mediators (2005), the Frank G. Evans Award from the ADR Section of the State Bar of Texas (2008), and the Susanne Adams Award from the Texas Association of Mediators (2009).

Walter has been an assistant professor (1997-2003) and is now a tenured associate professor (2003 to date) in the Legal Studies Program of the Department of Political Science at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. He teaches courses in law and alternative dispute resolution, and his primary research interest is mediation. He is a published author in the United States and several Latin American countries. 

Walter received Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Jurisprudence degrees from the University of Houston and a Master of Laws degree in International Legal Studies from New York University.

Litigation Mediation Experience: since 1986, broad experience mediating commercial litigation, personal injury, worker's compensation, medical malpractice, premises liability, property damage, special education, Americans with Disabilities Act, and employment disputes (including discrimination charges filed with the U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the U.S. Postal Service). 

Community-Based Mediation Experience: since 1989, general experience mediating community-based disputes, primarily those involving Spanish-speaking disputants. 

Family Mediation Experience: since 1993, extensive experience mediating child custody, child support, and property division cases, primarily those involving Spanish-speaking disputants.

Walter generally uses a facilitative, problem-solving style. The facilitative style relies on clear communication, identification of issues and interests, brainstorming of options, and careful evaluation of those options. Throughout the process, Walter assists the parties with their communication, negotiation, and decision making. He manages the process while the parties retain control of the content of their dispute and its resolution. Although Walter does not evaluate the merits of the parties' positions, he does assist the parties with their own evaluations of the strengths and weaknesses of those positions as they determine whether and how to resolve their dispute. Walter also uses the transformative mediation style advocated by Joseph Folger and Baruch Bush in "The Promise of Mediation." The purpose of the transformative mediation style is to empower the parties to exercise control of their dispute and take responsibility for its resolution while enhancing the parties' capacity to recognize each other's humanity and points of view. In the transformative mediation style, the parties retain control of both the mediation process and its content. The mediator's role is to promote clear communication between the parties and to enhance opportunities for empowerment and recognition. Walter uses the transformative mediation style when he mediates for the United States Postal Service and when the parties or their attorneys request it.

Employment Employment Discrimination Commercial International Commercial Personal Injury Family Community Bilingual (English-Spanish)


Supreme Court of Texas.
Supreme Court of Colorado (currently inactive).


State Bar of Texas.
College of the State Bar of Texas.
Houston Bar Association.
U.S.-Mexico Bar Association.
Association of Attorney-Mediators.
Association for Conflict Resolution.
Texas Association of Mediators.
Austin Association of Mediators.
Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable.
International Institute for Responsible Conflict Resolution.
Texas Mediator Credentialing Association (Credentialed Distinguished Mediator).


Mediator Panel, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Mediator Panel, U.S. Postal Service.
Mediator Panel, Key Bridge Foundation.
Mediator Panel, National Association of Securities Dealers Regulation (2000-2002).
Mediator Panel, Texas Education Agency (1998-2000).
Arbitrator Panel, National Association of Securities Dealers Regulation (2000-2002).

Provided on request.

Training and Education

Litigation mediation (1986, 1992).
Community mediation (1989).
Bilingual mediation (1990).
Family mediation (1993).
Agricultural mediation (1995).
Americans with Disabilities Act mediation (1997, 2008, 2015).
Mediation of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charges (1997).
Mediation of Texas Education Agency special education disputes (1998).
Mediation of United States Postal Service employment disputes (transformative model) (1998).
Mediation of public-policy disputes (2001).
Advanced transformative mediation (2006).
Many hours of continuing education on mediation topics (1986 to date).

University Associate Professor: since September 2003, Associate Professor of Legal Studies in the Department of Political Science at Texas State University-San Marcos. Designer and instructor of the following courses: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Resolution of Disputes Involving Aquatic Resources, Contracts, Social Legislation, Problems in Public Law, Issues and Problems in Law, Legal Drafting, Legal Research, Advanced Legal Research, Legal Theory and Analysis, and Law Office Management.

University Assistant Professor: from September 1997 to August 2003, Assistant Professor of Legal Studies in the Department of Political Science at Southwest Texas State University (now known as Texas State University-San Marcos). Tenure and promotion to Associate Professor granted September 1, 2003.

University Adjunct Professor:  Adjunct Professor of Mediation at University of Texas School of Law, Austin, Texas (since 2017).

University Adjunct Professor:  Adjunct Professor of Mediation for Universidad de Alcalá, Spain (since 2017).

University Adjunct Professor: Adjunct Professor at St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas. Designer and instructor of course entitled Cultural Issues in Negotiation and Mediation (Fall 2004, Summer 2007).

Lecturer to Foreign Universities and Professional Organizations: Since 1995, lecturer at Latin American universities, professional organizations and judicial agencies, including Facultad de Derecho y Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Universidad Católica de Córdoba (Córdoba, Argentina), Universidad Blas Pascal (Córdoba, Argentina), Facultad de Ciencias Económicas de la Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora (Lomas de Zamora, Argentina), Centro Privado de Mediación, Negociación, Conciliación y Arbitraje de la Patagonia (Neuquén, Argentina), Colegio de Abogados de Salta (Salta, Argentina), Colegio de Abogados de San Isidro (San Isidro, Argentina), Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Santa Fe, Argentina), Departamento Nacional de Planeación (Bogotá, Colombia), Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá (Bogotá Colombia),Iniciativa por el Estado de Derecho (Quito, Ecuador), Unidades de Servicios Jurídicos de las Cortes Supremas de Guerrero, Colima y Tamaulipas (México), Cortes Supremas de Nuevo León y Oaxaca (México), Colegio de Mediadores de Nuevo León (Monterrey, México), Ayuntamiento de San Luis Potosí (San Luis Potosí, México), Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí (San Luis Potosí, México), Iniciativa por el Estado de Derecho (Granada, Nicaragua), Centro del Conocimiento para la Resolución de Conflictos en las Américas y el Caribe (CERCA) (Panama City, Panamá), Universidad Católica del Uruguay (Montevideo, Uruguay), Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (Caracas, Venezuela), Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado (Barquisimeto, Venezuela), Centro de Resolución de Conflictos del Colegio de Abogados del Estado Lara (Barquisimeto, Venezuela).

Lecturer to National, Regional, and State Professional Organizations: American Bar Association, Association of Attorney-Mediators, Association for Conflict Resolution, Texas Association of Mediators, Better Business Bureau.


Representative Publications: 

“Aportes de la neurociencia para comprender el comportamiento humano en la mediación,” a chapter in Abordaje de Conflictos, Editorial Astrea, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2016). 

"El derecho colaborativo: una nueva alternativa para la resolución de conflitos," La Ley Paraguaya, Suplemento de Medios Alternativos de Resolución de Conflictos, Asunción, Paraguay (2009).

“Texas Attorney-Mediators’ Perceptions of Changes in Mediation Practice,” The Advocate at 10 (Fall 2007).

“Practical Steps for Acquiring Cross-Cultural Negotiation Skills,” 70 Texas Bar Journal 590 (2007).

“La Comisión Norteamericana para la Igualdad de Oportunidades en el Empleo: Informe sobre el Programa de Mediación del Distrito de San Antonio,” El Acuerdo, Buenos Aires, Argentina (August-September 2004) (co-authored with Hassan Tajalli).

“John Paul Lederach: A Peacemaker’s Bibliography (Part One),” Texas Mediator at 16 (Fall 2003). “John Paul Lederach: A Peacemaker’s Bibliography (Part Two),” Texas Mediator at 6 (Winter 2003).

"Métodos Alternativos de Resolución de Conflictos en los Estados Unidos: Experiencias Recientes a Nivel Federal,” a chapter in Mediación: Formación y Algunos Aspectos Claves, Editorial Porrúa, Mexico City, Mexico (2001).

“Spanish-Speaking Participants in Mediation: Past, Present, and Future at Texas Dispute Resolution Centers,” Texas Mediator at 7 (Fall 2002) (co-authored with Clara I. Gómez and Josefina M. Rendón). 

"Cultural Issues in Mediation: a Practical Guide to Individualist and Collectivist Paradigms," Alternative Resolutions at 18 (April 1998). 

"La Protección de la Confidencialidad en la Mediación," El Acuerdo, Buenos Aires, Argentina (March & April 1998).

"Mediación Empresaria en los Estados Unidos," La Ley, Suplemento de Resolución de Conflictos, Buenos Aires, Argentina (June 1997). 

"Posibles Limitaciones al Uso de los Modelos de Mediación Norteamericanos en Argentina," Fundación Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina (1996).

"Mediation of Private United States-Mexico Commercial Disputes: Will it Work?" 26 New Mexico Law Review 57 (1996).


As a Credentialed Distinguished Mediator of the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, Walter adheres to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics prescribed by that organization. The standards and code are located at http://www.txmca.org/ethics.htm.

As a Credentialed Distinguished Mediator of the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association, Walter has submitted himself to the Grievance Process of that organization. The TMCA's Grievance Process is located at http://www.txmca.org/grievance.htm.

The International Mediation Institute's Professional Conduct Assessment Process also applies.

As a member of the Association of Attorney-Mediators, Walter has Professional Liability Insurance Coverage from Complete Equity Markets. The coverage is $250,000.00 per claim and $2,000,000.00 in the aggregate.

Walter also has private Professional Liability Insurance Coverage from Delos Insurancea Company. The coverage is $250,000.00 per claim and $500,000.00 in the aggregate.

Walter Wright
11304 Stormy Ridge Road
United States
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