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Walter Wright

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Dan Naranjo
Feedback digest by Dan Naranjo, 26 Sep 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on 7 feedbacks in 50 mediations initially submitted on May 11. Mr. Wright has been praised with the highest possible ratings allowed. Even when the issue at hand was not resolved, a mediation participant was highly satisfied with the skills of Mr. Wright. The participant felt that the mediator's skill and service were well worth the cost and would recommend the mediator to other clients. Mr. Wright maintains an optimistic and determined approach to disputes, and mediation participants' satisfaction reflects this. Mediation participants described their appreciation of Mr. Wright's ability to explain the mediation process fully to participants who had never been involved in mediation. Additionally, a mediation participant expressed her appreciation for Mr. Wright's consistent impartial guidance, even in the face of difficult participants and impossible circumstances. With Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) cases in particular, Mr. Wright has a stellar reputation. His resolution rate, in over 40 cases where he served as a neutral, is higher than the Commission's nationwide goal of 64%. His knowledge in the field allows him to explain the necessary legal standards while still remaining neutral and fulfilling his duty as a mediator. In addition to his knowledge of law and mediation process, his work ethic and personal skills have also been praised. He has been hailed as a reliable, timely, diligent, and impeccable mediator. His bilingual (English-Spanish) skills and willingness to go above and beyond, including conducting pro bono mediations, also mark Mr. Wright as an important asset in these EEOC matters.

This feedback digest was last updated 14 June 2009.
by Dan Naranjo, 9 Apr 2020