Criteria for QAPs

(For the criteria for assessment programs qualifying mediation advocates/advisors for IMI Mediation Advocacy Certification, please click here)

IMI Certification is available to any experienced mediator who gains a certificate from a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) as a result of a performance-based assessment approved by the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC).

The following are key requirements for a QAP to be approved by the ISC1

1.         Mediator Experience.  The QAP must include a methodology for ensuring that Applicants have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Program’s Assessors a substantial level of experience2 as a mediator. The QAP must include clearly identified criteria on this requirement.
2.         Mediation Knowledge.   The QAP must include a methodology for determining that Applicants have demonstrated a strong understanding of general mediation theory and practice which may be based on written tests, essays, reports, theses interviews and/or other testing platforms.

3.         Mediator Skills.  The QAP must include a methodology for the evaluation of candidates’ performance in terms of the occurrence and effectiveness of mediation process and mediation techniques, against high competency benchmarks3. The Evaluations/Assessments may be based on roleplay or live action assessments, and may include videotaped and online assessments such as web dramas, self-assessments, interviews, peer reviews, user feedback and other in-practice skill evaluations. 

4.         Program Transparency.  The benchmarks and criteria applied by QAP must be published and be openly accessible on the organization’s website.  Details of all approved programs will be listed on the IMI web portal and will include a direct link to the credentialing organizations’ websites.

5.         Program Integrity.  Each Assessor must have substantial experience of assessing the performance of mediators.  At least one of the Assessors on each Program must be independent of the QAP.

6.       Ongoing monitoring of Programs.  The QAP must include a process for the ongoing monitoring of the performance and practice of the Assessors. IMI will liaise closely with all recognised program organizers to maintain a sustainable quality control system.
7.         Commitment to Diversity.  The QAP must be accessible on an equal basis to experienced mediators regardless of their professional affiliations, gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation or other personal characterization.
1IMI will prepare guidelines to assist credentialing organizations in framing their Programs and will involve all ISC-approved credentialing organizations in the continuing process of developing and refining those guidelines and these Criteria for Qualifying Assessment Programs for IMI Certification.
2Mediators without 200 hours or 20 mediations are unlikely to be sufficiently experienced.
3Because of the wide variety of mediation processes and styles, and to allow for innovation and creativity in the field, Program criteria will vary and consequently the ISC is not establishing fixed competency benchmarks.

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