Guidance for Qualifying Assessment Programs for Approval of Mediators and Mediation Advocates for Certification

When a new mediator/mediation advocate is approved for certification we ask that you as a QAP send an e mail to [email protected] The e mail should have the first and last name and e mail address for the mediator/mediation advocate who is being approved for certification as well as the first and last name and e mail address of the person’s reviewer.

Once IMI receives an e mail with the requested information, IMI will then create a user name and password for the newly approved certified mediator/mediation advocate who will receive an e mail automatically from IMI and will then be able to login, pay the listing contribution, and update his/her profile. The mediator/mediation advocate can pay the listing contribution at that time either by paypal, credit card or wire transfer. In 2018, there will be a “profile complete” tab requiring certain fields be filled in before the profile will be publicly available. 

Each time a mediator/mediation advocate is approved for a new certification such as inter-cultural or investor state, the QAP should send an e mail to [email protected] so IMI can add the additional certification to the mediator/mediation advocate’s profile.

The reviewer should have his/her own user name and password with a profile type “reviewer”. If the reviewer is new and does not have a user name and password, one needs to be generated for the person. Since you are providing the name and e mail address of the reviewer in the above requested e mail, IMI will check that person to ensure that he/she has a user name, and, if not, IMI will issue one to the person.

Once the mediator/mediation advocate profile is populated, the reviewer can add a digest. To add the feedback digest, the reviewer logs in, goes to the mediator/mediation advocate they are providing feedback for, and adds the feedback. More information for the reviewer can be found at

Please send any questions to [email protected] . We hope this process will proceed smoothly.

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