Appointing a Reviewer

Your Reviewer is responsible for preparing your Feedback Digest in accordance with IMI’s Guidelines for Preparing Feedback Digests and also to assist you in defining your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs and interests.  Your Reviewer will prepare your Feedback Digest for uploading onto your IMI Mediator Profile and will receive future Feedbacks for updating your Feedback Digest as required to maintain your IMI Certification.

The Feedback Digest is a vital part of your Certified Mediator Profile on the IMI web portal, and will be relied upon by anyone considering appointing you as their Mediator.  The credibility of your Feedback Digest is partly related to the neutrality and professional standing of your Reviewer.

Everyone has different CPD needs and interests.  Your Reviewer should be well-placed, partly through having access to the raw feedback on your mediation practice, to offer suggestions about which CPD opportunities may generate most value for your professional practice as a mediator. IMI does not require you to follow a minimum number of CPD hours, and believes that the CPD activities you undertake are best planned and executed in consultation with your Reviewer.  You are not required to report these details to IMI though you may wish to record significant new education in your Profile under Mediator Education and Training.

You may select as your Reviewer either an individual or an institution.  If an individual, the Reviewer should be a practising mediator, trainer, educator or other highly experienced professional (or ‘elder’) in the mediation field, and must not be a member of your family, or someone who is subordinate to you in your organization.  You may also select a dispute resolution institution or other professional body in the dispute resolution field to be your Reviewer (for example, where you are a member of a Panel of Mediators).  Bear in mind that you must declare the identity of your Reviewer on your Mediator Profile, and the credibility of your Feedback Digest will in part be determined by the credibility of your Reviewer.  Ideal Reviewers will be other IMI Certified Mediators, and institutions recognized by IMI as those appointing their mediation panel members on the basis of competency. For credibility reasons, please avoid reciprocal Reviewer arrangements – ie where Mediator A appoints Mediator B as Reviewer, and Mediator B appoints Mediator A as Reviewer.  (There would be no problem with Mediator A appointing Mediator B as Reviewer, Mediator B appointing Mediator C as Reviewer, and Mediator C appointing Mediator A as Reviewer.)

You are responsible for discussing and settling any fees your Reviewer may charge for accepting to act as your Reviewer and preparing your Feedback Digest.  It is recommended that you meet your Reviewer periodically to discuss your mediation practice and your CPD interests.

Feedback Digest IMI Guidelines for Reviewers