IMI Certification Development Timeline

IMI Certification has developed quickly. It has already moved from the Experience Qualification phase, through a transition period, to Certification by Independent Assessment.


January 1 2009. IMI began a 6-month Experience Qualification Path (EQP) to IMI Certification aimed at experienced mediators – a grandfathering opportunity to become IMI Certified without undergoing an additional certification process.

June 30 2009. The Experience Qualification Path ended. 900 qualifying mediators registered and by that date 100 had completed their Profiles and could be identified using the IMI search engine.

July 1 2009. The Transition Period ran until September 30 2009.

October 1 2009. From this date onwards, Mediators can be qualified for IMI Certification only by a Qualifying Assessment Programs approved by the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC).

The ISC will review and approve programs in line with a set of Criteria for Qualifying Assessment Programs (QAP).