MA Certification Process

I have registered for Mediation Advocacy Certification during the Expertise Qualification Path, what next? 

If you are a Mediation Advocate/Advisor who registered for IMI Mediation Advocacy Certification during the Expertise Qualification Path (EQP), a mediation advocacy profile has been created for you on the IMI portal and you will have been informed of the documents you needed to provide to IMI to qualify via this route.  In order to become an IMI Certified Mediation Advocate/Advisor, you need to:

  1. Show that you meet the EQP requirements by emailing the relative information/evidence to [email protected]
  2. Log in at:
  3. Complete the ‘Personal Details’ tab on your profile and upload a photo
  4. Open the ‘Mediation Advocates’ tab and complete the compulsory fields
  5. Complete the ‘Searchable Data’ sub-tab page.

Feedback Digest

The crucial element of your profile is the Feedback Digest (an objective summary of feedback received from participants in mediations, prepared by an independent Reviewer). You may select as your Reviewer either an individual or an institution. If an individual, the Reviewer should be a mediation user, practicing mediator, mediation advocate, trainer, educator or other highly experienced professional (or ‘elder’) in mediation advocacy. Please obtain their permission before sending them a Reviewer invitation from the ‘Feedback Digest’ tab of your Mediation Advocacy Profile. You need to collect (or ask respondents to send them directly to your Reviewer) at least 10 feedback forms from participants in mediation where you acted as Mediation Advocate/Advisor and forward them to your Reviewer so that they can prepare the Feedback Digest and upload it to your profile.

Feedback could be received from the parties and mediators. You are welcome to use the IMI MA feedback request form.  Any other feedback forms could also be used.

Mediation Advocates/Advisors qualified via the Expertise Qualification Path must appoint a Reviewer before their profile is approved and have a short adjournment period for uploading Feedback Digest.

However, all IMI Certified Mediation Advocates/Advisors must have an approved Feedback Digest uploaded to their profile by the 1st July 2013, at the latest.

Once your Profile is complete, including the Feedback Digest, and you have submitted your EQP evidence, you can click ‘Apply for Listing’, upon which IMI staff will review your profile and contact you.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact the IMI team here