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Ten Good Reasons to become IMI Certified

10 good reasons to be IMI Certified and featured on the IMI Global Search Engine

1. Top web search results

The direct link to an IMI Certified Mediators’ Profile appears in the top 3 positions for 86% of IMI Certified Mediators searched on Google when a user enters your name + “mediator”. In +50% of cases, the link to the IMI Profile came top.

2. Distinguishability

Only IMI Certified Mediators qualify to have their Profiles on the IMI Search Engine, a key tool for users not only to find the right mediators but also to verify their credentials, competency and suitability.

3. Credibility

Users can verify your experience and competency instantly by scrolling through your Profile and your Feedback Digest.

4. User demand

User research indicates that over 90% of users wish mediators to be professionally certified and held accountable to transparent standards of conduct set and applied by a professional mediation body.

5. Qualification for other credentialing schemes

IMI Certified mediators qualify for certification by the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI). Other
reciprocal qualifications are in progress.

6. Qualification for provider panels

Mediators find it easier to be accepted on the panels of Courts and private dispute resolution bodies if they are IMI Certified
because their experience and skills can be instantly verified. For example, the Singapore International Mediation Centre requires all their mediators be IMI Certified by the end of this year, and others will follow.

7. Authentication

IMI Certified Mediators may use the direct link to their Profile and the IMI Certified Mediator logo on their websites and other media, printed materials and email signatures as an authentication of an acknowledged international standard.

8. Professionalism

IMI is the only international professional body for mediation, establishing high practice and approval standards worldwide. As a body that does not provide mediation services, IMI is uniquely able to endorse professional competency.
IMI Certification crosses national boundaries and is recognised worldwide. IMI Certified Mediators can use IMI tools, such as the IMI online case analysis tool, Olé.

9. Be part of the future development of mediation

Participate in and influence the many IMI task forces and initiatives to improve mediation in different fields and practice areas. Also, become a Mentor to one or more members of the Young Mediators Initiative YMI.

10. Affordable cost

Professional dues to IMI cost $175/€125/£110 per annum. These dues are directly applied to the maintenance and development of the IMI Search Engine and web search optimization strategies.