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YMI aims to connect young trained mediators and mediation advocates with each other, with experienced professionals and with mediation organizations in their region.

We see a great value in creating a global network supporting young mediators and mediation advocates wherever they are based.

Does your organization share the same vision? Excellent, please join the network.

We are eager to receive a short description about your organization, a link to your website presentation and your logo which will be displayed on our website.

We invite all mediators and organisations to post tips for young mediators, questions for experienced mediators, advertisements for training and experience opportunities, and to share your books, podcasts, videos, blogs and other useful resources in support of Young Mediators worldwide.

Please feel free to guide both experienced and inexperienced mediators and mediation advocates from your organisation to the YMI website so that they may join the YMI network!

Contact the YMI Team at: [email protected]