Happy New Year from IMI! Applications to become a Certified Mediator Training Program are now open.

Application Process

This page outlines the processes associated with becoming an IMI Qualifying Assessment Program.

[last updated: 5 May 2018]

IMI Qualifying Assessment Programs certify IMI Mediators and Mediation Advocates.  The process to become a new QAP is as follows:
  1. Check that your assessment program meets the criteria for certification of Mediators or Mediation Advocates.
  2. Apply using the online application form.
  3. Your application is internally vetted by IMI staff.  If it is complete, a panel of at least three from the associated Appraisal Committee is assembled.
  4. The Appraisal Committee Panel reviews your application, assessing whether it meets the criteria.  If the Panel agrees that the application does meet the criteria, it is passed to the Appraisal Committee Co-Chair(s).
  5. The Co-Chair(s) review the Panel's recommendations, and agree or disagree with the recommendation.  If they agree, then:
  6. The Appraisal Committee in its entirety evaluate and approve the application at their next quarterly meeting.
Applications fail where the QAP criteria are not met, so it is essential that applications are complete.  This will ensure that the process described above is completed as efficiently as possible.